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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #3- Add some Exercise to your Paleo Transformation!

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast #3
Visualized Resistance by Steve Reeves!

Week #3- Add in some exercise to your Paleo Mix!

So far, the first week of your Paleo transformation started with you eliminating Grains, aka as Poison Food #1.  If you have kept off of grains, especially wheat, for these first two weeks, you are doing great!  You probably had some cravings, and know what it is like to be addicted to drugs during the first week, but you should be feeling better than ever now, and starting to notice positive changes in both physical and mental enhanced functioning.  You may have already lost some fat poundage, and maybe some nagging problems with your skin, hair and digestion are not really noticeable anymore- when they go away, we usually don’t even think about it at first...

If you have also really concentrated on getting ample SLEEP this past week as well, then I assume you are starting to feel really great on a regular basis- that’s how fast this stuff works- and it works together in synergy even faster.  Each step we add, each week, is not only incremental, it’s a multiplier of the benefits from previous weeks!

So, keep up with what you are doing from weeks one and two, and this week, plan on getting up about 15-20 minutes early each day, and doing some brief exercise.  Early morning is best, later in the day can come interruptions and distractions- just get it done early!

When you wake up, well rested but earlier than usual since you went to bed earlier, first lie on your back in bed, and just breathe deeply.  Breathe the life-giving oxygen deep into your diaphragm, expanding your abdomen first, and then gradually filling up your entire chest as well, slowly and methodically.This is called costal breathing, and actually counts as one of the most wonderful abdominal and overall beneficial exercises you can do!  Do this for just a few minutes, and arise.  You will feel very awake and energized.  Repeat this throughout the day periodically, and rejuvenate yourself!

So, after visiting the bathroom and donning your shorts, go into your workout space- I use the living room- and turn on the TV if your wish!  I always watch a Netflix show, but it’s your choice...I spread a big towel on the floor, and the “gym” is ready!

Start with the Hindu, or Asian squat- this is crucial to regaining mobility, and unless you are under 10, you are probably really, really inflexible in your legs, hips, and lower back.
Just bend at your knees until you are squatting as low as possible, and then just... hold.

At first, it won’t be long.  But after a few weeks, you will be able to rest like this indefinitely- this is how hunter/gatherer people still “sit”, since they don’t have chairs- and it is the way we are meant to sit, and it is wonderful for your whole lower body, both as a stretch and an exercise.
I think you will enjoy this brief video:

Next, I want you to try Visualized Resistance Exercise- this is where you use the resistance within your own muscles to completely exercise them to the maximum, without equipment, and perfectly safely and naturally!  The best form of exercise there is- think of how animals, in particular CATS exercise their muscles.

I have an ebook, Perfectly Paleo Exercise available devoted to this, and a large repertoire of additional exercises and explanations, but for now, just go to John Peterson’s wonderful website

For now, just concentrate on these exercises-

The high reach
Full range pectoral contraction
One armed chin
Half squat
Ab contraction
Shoulder roll

Finish up with another Hindu squat, and you are done!  Go for 10 reps, flexing hard as you do each exercise, as all of the resistance comes from within your own muscles.
Put the brakes on the movement, if you will- the harder you make it, the more productive, as long as you don’t go crazy with tension.  Go say at 80-90% effort, and it will just feel really good, like a “moving meditation”!

The martial artist Bruce Lee was a big proponent of this Visualized Resistance type of exercise, as was bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger before competitions- nothing is better for a lean, ripped sort of look and function of the human body!

Honestly, if you only did these exercises on a regular basis, you would develop a healthy, lean and attractive physique that would last a lifetime, along with the dietary and lifestyle changes we are making!  And, not only can these exercises be done on a daily basis, unlike the brutal damage caused by weight lifting to the joints, muscles and tendons, they should be done on a daily basis because they actually rejuvenate the joints, muscles and tendons!

So start!  Especially if you are an exerciser that has damaged his or her body through endless, damaging cardio or running, OR through heavy weight training-


So have fun this week!


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