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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Conan and the Gods of the North

Here it is: a Christmas present for all of you, featuring one of my favorite characters of all time- Conan the Barbarian!  

I feel it is fitting, since Conan is a barbarian, which is one step up from a hunter gatherer, and probably the ideal human condition dietarily, and in many other ways as well, since a barbarian lives on the fringes of civilization and so can pick and choose which parts of civilization are good, and discard the rest!

I hope you like it; it's my first effort in this genre.


BarbarianJay Bowers of Barbarian Quick Tip of the Day

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #50 A New Year a New You!

pqtd #50  A New Year, A New You!


I am really excited by two things today- I really want you to follow me, along with your family, into the exciting world of real health!  I think the journey will be fun as well as rewarding for you, and the benefits are incalculable.


The first thing is this:  

This is something I just learned about via Chris Kresser, who is kind a Paleo healer guru, who also has his own podcast that I also recommend called Revolution Health Radio.  Put that in your podcast queue along with Paleo Quick Tip of the Day and PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe!  


Anyway, thrive market is a new online company that seems to have a lot of things figured out.  To start eating real, nutrient dense foods is oftentimes daunting, since the cost seems so high compared to grain and sugar processed crap.  Also, you need to do a lot of research to figure out which products are not only the highest quality, but are also the best bargain in terms of price...  enter !  Not only are their prices amazing (products are priced 25- 50% below what you would find them at stores or on Amazon)- but they have also researched the products in each category and chosen the ones that they deem the best both in terms of quality and price!  Now that makes things really simple.


Thrive is kind of like a mail order Costco- there is free shipping on any orders over $50- and so, wherever you live, you can get the best natural cleaning products, body care items, and supplements all shipped to your door.  You can get a free 30 day trial membership to try it out- I did!  So now, even if you live in a food desert, you can get great paleo ancestral foods and other items delivered right to you, at a discount!  And so, there is no excuse not to get healthy in this New Year!


The other thing I am excited by is this: Chris Kresser and Robb Wolfe have put together a Paleologix Total Transformation package!  Click below to learn more-

<a href="" target=_blank><img src="" border="0"></a>  

The reason I am so excited about this is that for most normal, healthy young people- well, they can do just fine on standard paleo exercise and nutrition advice.  You know, just follow along right here, and you’ll learn to cut your grains and sugar, drastically up your intake of green veggies and natural, God made foods, good fats, and a few supplements like Vitamin D and iodine... 


But some of us, particularly those of us who have been following the Standard American Diet of diabesity for too long, and have either been overexercising with heavy weights or chronic cardio, or else doing nothing at all for exercise- well, let’s just say a lot of us are severely “broken”- we have contracted many ailments of the modern diet and lifestyle, and we need help!  


And that is where this program fits in- these two guys, Chris Kresser and Robb Wolfe are specialists in getting a system down for folks who are broken, who need the special help of a step-by-step approach individualized to YOU- not just a bare bones cookie cutter approach that may not be suited to YOU.


And so, those are my gifts to you- two rock solid tools that will ensure that you achieve your paleo goals in 2015!  You just have time to get started with both before the New Year begins!  Get yourself a Merry Christmas present, and then you WILL have a Happy New Year!!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #49 Sickness is the Absence of Health- Build your Terrain!

pqtd 49  Sickness is the absence of Health


That might sound redundant, and even silly.  But, it is not at all- Sickness, in most cases, is something that we can avoid!  It is the old Terrain theory of disease put in a nutshell- the stronger we make the “terrain” of our body, the less susceptible we are to disease.


This runs counter to the prevailing “wisdom” of that past 50 plus years or so, the idea that germs are the main cause of sickness, and if we can just keep ourselves away from bacteria and infections of all types, we will not get sick.  This misses the true point, especially since now the most recent science all supports the incredible importance of bacteria, both in our guts, and on our skin.  We are utterly dependent upon many strains of bacteria to survive, and especially to reach maximum health.  The point is to strengthen the terrain of our body by encouraging the beneficial bacteria to multiply and thrive in our bodies, and discourage the pathalogical strains.  We do this by eating properly, a largely ancestral or paleo diet of real, God and nature made foods, avoiding sugar and grains (that immediately turn into sugar!), and getting exercise in the right amount (not too much and not too little), and getting adequate sleep.


There are other factors in becoming really healthy, like consuming LOTS of green leafy veggies daily, getting adequate vitamin D, and avoiding toxins in our environment as much as possible.  All of these, added together, result in a lifestyle that will eliminate most all modern diseases, sickness, and common ailments!  Really!!


The key is this: concentrate NOT on vaccines, and pasteurization, and chemical based disinfectants and products- concentrate instead on adding in as much GOOD things into your diet and environment as you can!


Get good sleep nightly!  Black out your bedroom, put up curtains to keep out artificial night time lights, get the TV out, and all other electronics.  Eat really, really well- eliminate junk and fast food, processed foods, sugar grains and cereals.  Eat as much really good food as you can- don’t diet- just switch out what you are eating, and eat a LOT!  

Get a Vitamix blender and make a daily Paleo green smoothie- this one step can really boost your “terrain”!!

And do Perfectly Paleo Exercise- self resisted exercise, virtual resistance exercise, and body weight exercises, which will build your body and terrain up naturally, without the inevitable injuries and overstress that comes with weight and machine training- this type unnatural exercise will weaken your bodily terrain, and at the same time degrade your joints and tendons, setting you up for a lifetime of pain, and probably surgeries...


I include long distance running in this list of terrain weakening, body depleting exercise misinformation!  


And so, get started building your terrain!  Turn your body into a mighty fortress that can withstand most anything, and you won’t need to worry about (or suffer through) the modern sicknesses like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer- not to mention much lesser things like bad skin, bad teeth, depression, and gradually failing eyesight.  


You really can be your own superman or woman!

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

pqtd 48 Get Rid of your S.A.D. diet like an old, ridiculous Leisure Suit

pqtd #48  Get RID of your S.A.D diet like an old, ridiculous Leisure Suit


That might seem like a strange analogy- comparing the standard American diet of today to that ridiculous costume of the early, disco-fueled 19970’s...

But, the two are not that different in their very outmodedness!


Think of the 1930’s and 40’s, when cigarettes were commonly prescribed by medical Doctors for various, made up and ridiculous reasons: improved digestion, enhanced relaxation, and other silly reasons with no foundation in fact.  Much the same thing happened in the 1960’s and especially in the 1970’s, when medical Doctors prescribed LOW FAT diets, counting calories, and long, punishing sessions of Aerobic exercise- mainly slow running, for hours and hours each week!  


And at the same time, millions of Americans (probably including most of these deluded doctors) were wearing stupid leisure suits, of which I will try to find some pictures to put up at 

Suffice it to say that they were silly, ridiculous disco outfits that were only popular among disco dancers in the late ‘70s or so for a few years.  They were kind of like Elvis’ later costumes, but without the glitz and show biz glamour...


And so, since you are probably NOT smoking cigarettes or wearing leisure suits today, what is it that many of you are doing that is wrong, out-dated, and proven to be wrong by current science??


Well, if you are eating low fat foods of any type, especially processed ones like low fat yogurt, breakfast cereals- anything in which the fat has been artificially tampered with- 


Well then you are essentially wearing a leisure suit, doing aerobic dancing, and smoking cigarettes!  You are so out of date you are a sad joke, and hurting yourself while you embarrass others...


And so, what to do?  BURN that old suit!  Throw out your cigarettes!! If you can’t quit, get a good eCig, and just smoke that instead- the same experience, but you’ll be smoking water vapor which is harmless instead of tobacco and chemicals!

And also, get rid of any kind of processed food, fast food, vegetable oil, 

and wheat!  Do NOT do long sessions of aerobics; do short sessions of intense, body weight, virtual, and self resisted exercises.  Rebound on a mini trampoline!  Sprint barefoot occasionally.


Now, your family won’t be embarrassed anymore!  You’ll be cool, wearing your Xero sandals, and sprinting in your yard or park.  Get a set of gymnastic rings for your basement or garage!  Shop for REAL FOODS at Trader Joe’s or best yet with your local farmer or rancher!!


NOW, you are COOL AT LAST!!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Beginning Paleo Diet on Paleo Quick Tip of the day podcast #47

Maybe you've just been hearing about this "paleo diet" thing, or maybe you have a friend or know someone who has had amazing results from eating and living according to this template...




Perhaps you have tried to ignore the whole thing, not wanting to change your life and mindset around after all these years of being brainwashed into the low fat high carb Standard American Diet LIE...



But, since the ancestral diet and it's benefits are very real, and the path we are on in the Western world is leading us into slow suicide by eating ourselves into diabesity,  accompanied by prescriptions of pharmaceutical drugs that compromise our health even more with all of the inevitable side effects, resulting in early disability and death- well, "going Paleo" starts to not sound that hard after all!


So, how do you finally get off the sidelines and start making meaningful, healing change??



Clean out your cupboards!  Ditch the grains- bread, pancake mixes, brownie mixes, cereals, vegetable and soy oils, Crisco, anything you have that is not real food.  If it's not in your house, you won't eat it.


Try a Paleo smoothie!  This is a pet project of mine- I have developed my smoothie into a drink that is continually evolving, since I want to maximize my nutrition optimally, but starting out, keep it simple:


Just get out your standard, $20 blender, and make a simple Paleo Smoothie:


1 can of coconut milk

handful of fresh strawberries


a big leaf of fresh kale

a banana

sprinkle of cinnamon


Blend it all together for about a minute or so- you're done!


Easy, right?  It's so easy, you will start to think as I did- "Hey, what if I add this ingredient, and that other super healthy food, and then that..."



You are on the slippery slope to health my friend, and trust me, that's where you want to be!  You'll start adding raw eggs, and then you'll want the convenience of using frozen vegetables, and the ability to mix just about anything, smoothly and easily into your smoothies- at that point you'll want to get a Vitamix blender, since it it the best tool for engineering the most amazingly healthy and filling and appetizing Paleo smoothies on the planet!


Interestingly, I just read a news story in Barron's, the business newspaper, detailing how the Starbucks chain has bought a smoothie making chain of restaurants, and plans to expand dramatically, doing for smoothies what they have already done for coffee! 


While I'm sure it's better than the unhealthy coffee drink market they've been profiting from at the expense of the American people's health, I would suggest strongly that you make your own!  I guarantee that anything made by a corporate giant will be vastly inferior, since the bottom line for such a company is to cut costs wherever possible, to maximize profits. This means low quality ingredients, cheaper, faster, worser! (There, I invented a word!)


So, Go Paleo Young Man! (Or woman)!


At first, I would just make a smoothie each morning, and eat eggs and meat, salads, seafood, veggies and nuts with a little fruit sometimes.  For me, cheese and whole cream are fine- try them out, if you feel worse, maybe they aren't for you!  Some folks can handle dairy, some can't... raw dairy is vastly preferable, if available.  


Believe it or not, at first I do not recommend any exercise!  Especially, if your are a "cardio-holic", used to doing lots of running, bicycling, aerobics, etc. just stop for awhile!  Getting your diet in order is far more important than exercise, and along with adequate sleep each night of 8 hours or better, will get you 90% where you want to go.  Just concentrate on those things for a month- learn to eat, and sleep like a paleolithic hunter-gatherer.    Next month we'll add in exercise- hey, I even have an eBook specifically about it...


A good idea, especially if you currently have health problems, would be to have a blood work up just before starting this at the Doctor's office.  Then, a month later, have it done again.  I guarantee the results will startle both you and your Doctor- and then, he'll probably try to talk you out of doing something so "crazy"...


The thing to remember is this- even if all you had read about nutrition was this one blog, you would already know more about nutrition than your Doctor learned in all of medical school.  So, take his or her opinions with more than a grain of good sea salt...


After your initial month, take a good look at how you look, how clearly you can think,and how you feel.  Perhaps you already have had some drastic changes; many people do.  And after actually sticking to the diet for one month, almost no one goes back to their standard diet!  The benefits are that compelling- you may even become like me, shouting the news from the rooftops, because you almost can't believe the benefits of eating real food like a real person!


Soon I will write Part 2- the Intermediate Paleo Diet!  But just do this for a month first- no need to rush things! 

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #46 Paleo Diet to LOSE FAT!

Paleo diet to lose fat!



The Paleo Diet has shown remarkable success in helping people to lose fat/weight, and achieve a much better "body composition".   The amazing thing is that it can bring these changes about without:


1. Hunger

2.  Long sessions of exercise

3.  Injury from those long, boring exercise sessions you thought were necessary



Really!  But how can this be?


It's really just simple, proven science! 


Our bodies are not designed to eat grains, particularly wheat, which has become a mainstay of virtually every processed food in America.  Wheat is now completely genetically modified to the point where it has no similarity to the ancient wheat of the Bible, or even to the wheat from the 1960's!!

This is a huge point: if you wish to research the topic in depth, I refer you to the book Wheat Belly by William Davis-  Wheat Belly the blog


But, since all carbohydrates,  like wheat, corn, white potatoes, etc. turns to sugar in the body, that is more than enough reason alone to severely limit them in the diet.



The other thing to limit greatly in your diet is SUGAR.



When you eat sugar, or its twin- carbohydrates- your body responds to the rise in blood sugar, (which is actually an emergency situation for your body!), by producing massive quantities of insulin.  Insulin, which as we know is what Type 2 (self-induced) Diabetics lose the ability to produce, after many years of ingesting so much sugar/carbohydrates that their body has become overwhelmed by the bodily insult!  Don't let this happen to you- it is becoming EPIDEMIC in modern America, largely due to the fact that now- 90% of food sold in the USA is PROCESSED: (Comes in a bag, or a box, and is not real food anymore, but industrial food.



Industrial food is loaded with sugar/corn syrup/wheat/soy and the other thing you need to get rid of on the Paleo Diet- industrial seed (grain!) oils!

Corn, Soybean, Crisco- these are all rancid, harmful oils that are not really food.



The Food Industry uses all of this stuff, in processed and fast foods (another no-no!), because it is CHEAP!  That is the only reason- nutritional value is not even on their radar!


So, bottom line, what do you need to do to-


Regain your health and lose fat?


It's really rather simple, and if you think about it, you probably already intuitively know this stuff-


You've just been brainwashed into the "low fat, high carb Standard American Diet"

for your whole life!


So, here is what you get rid of:

Eliminate fast food

Eliminate bread, pasta, anything made with flour

Eliminate Industrial oils- margarine, soybean oil, corn oil, canola oil- any chemically processed oil

Eliminate Legumes- dried beans- irritate the gut lining, just as does wheat- this is a huge problem

Get long, painful, CARDIO/AEROBIC workouts out of your life (They lead to injury, burn very little in the way of fat/calories/, and do not build muscle, which is what you really want)

Stop Staying up late at night- (This interferes with your body in a minor way, stimulating the stress hormone "cortisol", which causes you to store fat, among other negatives).


 And here is what you replace the above with:

Whole eggs (free range is the best) 

Real, PASTURED butter (Kerrygold is the best)

All varieties of meat, and seafood  (Grass fed beef is best, but all of it is good- just be sure to include seafood, especially fatty fish like salmon and sardines)

Vegetables and fruits  (Berries are the best fruit!)  Don't go wild on fruit, but include it.  Eat LOTS of green vegetables.

Get on an intense, brief exercise program!  (Body weight exercise is best- pushups, pull-ups, sit-ups, brief sessions of sprinting and/or stationery bike "sprints" of 30 seconds or less, done for several "sets" lasting 20 minutes or less)

Get LOTS of sleep!  8 hours minimum (This is really crucial for health and fat loss- stress, like lack of sleep, causes your body to want to hang onto fat)



That's it!  Follow the above subtractions and additions in your life, and sooner than you think, you will look and feel better than you would believe!  This is a promise!!



I hear you asking:   "But how do I eat this way??



Eggs and fruit for breakfast

Salad with meat or seafood for lunch

Grilled meat and vegetables for supper

Snacks- if you eat enough at meals, you probably won't get too hungry. But it you do:

Almonds,  dark chocolate, coffee with real whipped cream, macadamia nuts, olives, full fat cheeses, or again- meat, vegetables, sardines, etc. are all fair game



Or, you could make it easy, and make the Paleo Quick Start Smoothie!


It really makes the nutrition part almost effortless, and actually more "available" to your body, since it is all "broken down" and ready to assimilate, raw food enzymes and all!! 


But anyway, there you go- try it for 3 weeks!  If you do, I guarantee you will not go back-

the benefits are that amazing!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #45 Take FARMaceuticals to cure both yourself- and the WORLD!

Take your Farmaceuticals daily- cure yourself AND the world!


Any listener of any length here at Paleo Quick Tip of the Day knows that I, PaleoJay, believe that FOOD is the best medicine.  Hippocrates, the founder of western medicine declared this roughly 2000 years ago, and although his modern so called disciples have discarded his teachings in favor of ever-increasing dosages of pharmaceutical DRUGS-


Food is the best medicine is as true now as it ever was!!


Although nowadays, where and how your food is grown is every bit as important!


If your vegetables and fruits come from mega-farms where every inch of that farm is laced with pesticides, over-farmed to the point of near total soil nutrient depletion- you are consuming a tainted product!  


We all know now that the human gut biome, that is our intestinal flora are crucial to our health. For instance, a recent study pointed out that artificial sweeteners encourage fat gain. The theory was that the artificial sweeteners, such as those in unsweetened soda pop, altered the gut biome since they are totally alien to our evolved symbiotic relation with our ancestral gut microbes. 


In other words, our gut sensed SWEET, and switched on the fat storage, even though there was no honey or fructose to process...


but the fat storage trigger was engaged, and fat was produced!


So, drink artificially sweetened products and get fat quick!  And long term, too, since it doesn’t appear to switch OFF.


To return to my main point: Just as our Gut Biome is loaded with microbes we have a long history with, that help us to regulate our health, our moods and mental health, and how we extract life-giving nutrients from real foods-


So is the soil where we grow our foods loaded with microbes that we have a symbiotic, historic and ancestral relationship with completely necessary for our health, proper fat to body weight ratio, and mental health as well!


We all need to rethink our allegiance to pharmaceutical drugs!  They are poisons except for short term, emergency use- they are like Agent Orange in our bodies!  


What we need for health is FARMACEUTICALS- 







And all produced on sustainable acreages, with largely organic practices that preserve and sustain the microbial health of that soil long term!


To learn more on this vital subject, I recommend Dr. Daphne Miller and her wonderful book Farmacology!


So, for the ultimate in gut and overall health NOW, right away- 


Get yourself a Vitamix blender!  Load it up with Farmaceuticals like organic broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and kale- throw in some green tea and kefir, toss in some ginger and turmeric and cod liver oil...


Just make yourself and your family a Paleo Smoothie!  


The recipe is at


And the link to order a Vitamix with no shipping direct from Vitamix is there as well...


A smoothie maximizes the available nutrition, even in today’s depleted soil.  



Just like our current system of food doesn’t matter, drugs are the answer, and to just rely on Big Food corporations, Big Government, and Big Medicine to take care of us...


That is truly a NO BRAIN NON-SOLUTION.  


Solve things yourself.  You are responsible for your own health!  Eat real foods, grown in real, healthy soil, and move and exercise naturally, doing Perfectly Paleo Exercise. 


And ignore the advice of Big Government- Big Pharma- and Big Food!!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #44 Don't eat like a Sumo wrestler, or a goose!

pqtd 44 Don’t eat like a sumo wrestler, or a goose!


Really- don’t!


Sumo wrestlers, those extra large Japanese men who try, as the demands of their sport dictate to gain as much weight as possible, do so by not eating breakfast (that is forbidden!), and then eating as much as possible for lunch and then taking a 4 hour nap.


What do they eat?  Well, since they desire to gain as much weight as possible, fat and muscle, they wake early and train for 5 hours or so- really!

(this is their whole life)...


Then, they eat a huge stew of meat, fish, vegetables, and LOTS of RICE, and wash it all down with lots and lots of beer!  (Not light beer, either...)


Then, they take their 4 hour nap.  When they awake, they might move around a little, but they mainly get ready for dinner!  


Dinner is the same as lunch, but probably more rice, and more beer- at LEAST 10,000 calories worth!  And then, it’s lights out, for a long sleep before the next days training, and eating...


This regimen is calculated to produce maximum weight gain- both fat and muscle- and it works like a champion!!  Many Sumo wrestlers are over 500 pounds, and some are over 600!!


And then there are geese...


Geese have been force fed for many, many years to increase the size of their livers- actually, the practice started in Egyptian times!  Geese are able to store weight in their whole bodies, and especially in their livers to enable them to migrate long distances; and force feeding them particularly with starches like corn and wheat enables maximum fat gain!


Since animals, like geese would be unwilling to force feed themselves massive amounts of grains, we humans have devised ways to force them to adopt sumo like methods of overfeeding, using tubes forced into their unwilling mouths...


But why am I talking at length about Sumo wrestlers and force fed geese?  

It’s because if you are a typical, Standard American, following a SAD standard American diet- 





The modern typical American, western diet is so loaded with starches, and the ultimate horrible starch grains and carbohydrates, that you are literally force feeding yourself!  


And if you wake up, skip breakfast or just eat a fast food carb horror, and then go to a job or school where you just sit almost motionless as if you were napping, and then eat a standard American sandwich/Subway meal or other fast food, or even a sandwich from home that is the same deal, washed down by a soft drink, and then again sit almost motionless until quitting time...


Congratulations!  You are well on your way to being a big, giant, fat, Sumo kind of person...but without the underlying muscle!


BUT, on the upside, if there is a Twilight Zone kind of scenario in the future where aliens land and are looking for food- well, your liver might be...




What?  You don’t want to be an enlarged liver sumo person??


Well, then just wake up early, work out like a sumo but for maybe a half hour or so, and then eat a big, protein centered breakfast, like eggs, bacon, and coffee with coconut oil in it, topped with whipped cream!  


Make a big Paleo Smoothie with lots of veggies, and lots of good fats, as outlined in my paleo smoothie recipe at, and whip it up in your Vitamix- eat a lot of this smoothie, and the breakfast after your workout, and do not add in any carbs at all- no rice, no cereal, no toast- 




This means butter, cream, avocado, bacon, sausage, eggs- you get the idea!


You will not be hungry for a long time!  Trust me.  


When you are, have another paleo smoothie, or else a big, giant salad with lots of olive oil, beef or chicken or tuna or other protein source, and maybe a tin of sardines packed in olive oil as well...another big helping of your best friends: fat and protein!


It really is that simple, my non Sumo Goose friend!


Eat more fat. Eat protein.  Just eat real food, as made by God, not man!!


Work out like a Sumo, but for much less time.  Eat like a goose in the wild, without a tube down his throat ala a Happy Meal!


And remember that starches, and grains like wheat, and especially sugar/corn syrup/aspartame and all other fake, man made food like substances will turn you into a force fed giant livered Sumo Goose!


And, I’m not even exaggerating.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Do NOT get a flu shot!

Every Fall, like clockwork, the medical clinics and doctors start advertising and pushing for flu shots- even shopping centers and pharmacies are offering them.  Should you get one?


Well, remember a few years ago when the flu shot was recommended only for the elderly and children, especially those with compromised health... 


And NOW the YEARLY flu shot is recommended to EVERYONE over 6 months of age!


Let’s see, if everyone in the United States over the age of 6 months gets a flu shot, well that’s a really big profit for the pharmaceutical companies and the medical clinics that administer it, isn’t it?


And there you have the real reason why the flu shot is being promoted- profit!


If you get a chicken pox vaccine, you supposedly become immune for your entire life to chicken pox.  But you are supposed to get a flu vaccine every single year- and that is said to be because the virus mutates, and is slightly different year to year, and this is true...


And it’s also true that the flu vaccine manufacturer has no idea what mutated form the next years virus will take- they just guess! 


In addition, the vaccines are loaded with toxic substances such as aluminum, MSG, and even antifreeze!  Who wants that stuff??


And so, bottom line, it is your own body and its innate health that determines whether or not you get the flu, or for that matter any sort of disease.  The very best thing you can do for yourself in terms of protection is to follow some simple tenets of health that have been with us since paleolithic times- 


Cut grains and sugars from your diet


Get adequate sleep- 8 hours per night


Consume LOTS of dark green veggies, God made real foods like:

Natural full fat dairy such as grass fed butter, pastured meats, wild caught seafood, coconut milk and natural spices such as cloves, cinnamon, turmeric and ginger


Exercise naturally, with perfectly paleo exercises like pushups, virtual resistance training or transformetrics, barefoot sprinting and other interval training, and other calisthenics


The very best way of incorporating a wonderful, real foods diet high in all of these things is with a Paleo smoothie, made in a Vitamix blender, on a daily basis.  This is a concentrated form of real, complete foods (all the fiber is there in the drink!) that is worlds better than “juicing”, which removes the fiber and concentrates the sugars in the resulting juice.


At there is a link to take you to Vitamix Corporation directly to order your own Vitamix with free shipping.


Save the yearly cost of toxic, worse-than-useless flu vaccines for each and every member of your family and put it towards a tool that will really enhance and build your health, and that of your entire family for decades- get yourself a Vitamix blender and build the health of your body from the inside out.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #42 Regrainwash yourself at Paleo Podcast University



How to “go Paleo” - Easily!

Think of “going Paleo” as returning to your roots- because you are!

The so-called Paleo diet is NOT just that of our primeval ancestors, chasing wooly mammoths with spears and flint knives (although it is that as well!) ... it is the diet of our great grandparents, Pa and Ma Ingalls Wilder in the little house in the big woods.  It’s the diet of the cowboys, and the American colonials who revolted from King George in England and set up this great nation.  It’s the diet of EVERYONE in our past- the Knights of the Middle ages, the Romans, the Greeks, the Sumerians- it goes ALL THE WAY BACK!  

They all ate REAL FOOD!  We are the FIRST few generations in HISTORY that have eaten... LARGELY PURE UNADULTERATED CRAP! 

Sorry to be so graphic, but the processed stuff we ingest today is hardly worth being called food!  


Things were not that horribly bad even 40 years ago... by the 1980’s and 1990’s, processed fake food like substances from factories and labs and fast food “engineers” and food flavor chemical “scientists” had reached the point that, through marketing and political lobbying- they got increasingly huge subsidies for modified GRAINS that were not even natural foods anymore!  AND the government and the FDA and the ridiculous Food Pyramid and now My Plate all followed in lockstep, telling us all to _


“Just Eat Lots of this Crap!  Real food is dangerous!  Eat heart healthy GMO grains and plastic margarine, put chemically extracted oils on everything, and drink lots of skimmed (nutritionally barren sugar water) milk- ALL WILL BE WELL!


Well, we’ve by and large followed this rotten advice for 50- 60 years, progressively getting more and more behind the whole idea, reinforced by the AMA and the ADA actually BACKING it...


And, as a nation, and increasingly as a WORLD-




What should we do?


“Go Paleo, young man! (or Woman)!


It may seem overwhelming to overturn a lifetime of brainwashing.


But never fear!  PaleoJay is here!!


The best thing to do is to go to  I will always try to steer you right, my friend...


But, to my mind, PODCASTS are the single best way to “reconfigure your marketing/manipulated brain” back into reality!  Think of them as a way, whilst you are driving, walking, working around the yard or walking, to GET YOUR MIND BACK IN SYNC WITH YOUR ANCESTORS!   Also, to get up to date with the real RESEARCH that is out there, since the powers-that-be only try to hush all of that up- 




I will give you here a list of podcasts (and they all have accompanying blogs, as well!), that will give you ample information to REFORMAT YOU MIND from the BIG BROTHER SWILL you have been fed since birth, by the government, Big Ag, Big Pharma, and Big Advertising...


I suggest you just, even if you are now doubtful, just LISTEN to what they all have to say.  Over time, I think you will gradually be convinced, because the SCIENCE all backs up what they say, and your own common sense will evaluate, and realize TRUTH when you hear it.  SO, here are your Podcasts to listen to:   This can be your new “commuting hobby!” (Or other task-oriented activity wherein your mind was previously wasted...)

both podcasts here:

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe


Paleo Quick Tip of the Day


Robb Wolf the Paleo Solution


Robb Wolf getting started in Paleo podcasts!


The Livin' La Vida Low Carb Show with Jimmy Moore


Low-Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore and Friends


Dr Axe podcast


Also: Chris



God bless!  See you next week- 




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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #41- Don't eat like a RAT!

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #41  Don’t eat like a RAT!

I know, that sounds crazy-  you’re thinking 


“I don’t eat like a rat!  I eat human food, like sandwiches, pasta, candy... you know, the SAD Standard american diet perhaps, but not food for a rat!”


Well, if you eat those things, especially all forms of grain products, you are eating like a rat.  Rats are actually well suited little grain burners, and can digest grains safely without damage- humans are not grain or sugar burners.  We think we can eat foods unsuited for us just because we have done so for about 10,000 years at the most, and for most of that time in quite small quantities, and from grains that were not genetically altered  to increase production and also incidentally to increase the gluten levels.  Gluten is actually an intestinal irritant to humans, and opens the pathways within our gut linings to autoimmune diseases- those diseases where the body begins fighting itself.  Things like arthritis, diverticulitis, rosacea, eczema, multiple scerosis, psoriasis, type 1 diabetes... the list goes on and on!


Rats, on the other hand, along with most birds, have a unique ability to eat grains, and to thrive on them.  We do NOT. We can pretend to be a rat or a bird, but we are much more like a cow or a pig- they, like us, can also not properly digest grains without harm coming to their gut lining from the grain irritation.  They are fed these grains (and other things like candy wrappers) to stimulate fast fat gain.  This is another result of eating like a rat- you will gain lots of fat, fast when you eat lots of grains like wheat and corn!


To illustrate what grains, in particular GMO grains are doing to our intestines, we have only to look at US livestock- pig intestines nowadays in the U.S. are so damaged by the time of slaughter that they cannot even be used as casings to contain meat!  They rupture because they are so fragile and damaged, and so America is now forced to import our sausage and brat casings from Europe, where GMO’s are outlawed.  This used to be a billion dollar business in the US, and now it’s gone.


And this effect is from the short lifetime of a pig or cow in a CAFO or confined animal feeding operation- what kind of effect do you think it has on us humans, who are exposed to this toxic stuff for decades and decades and decades of life??


If you are one of the 60-70 million in the US that are reported to have severe digestive and/or other autoimmune problems, including autism which is running rampant among our youngsters these days, I would strongly recommend eliminating these grains from your diet!  


And it is not only your body that is damaged by GMO grains-GMO grain fed  pigs that were introduced into running a maze (a kind of pig IQ test) did significantly worse that pigs fed a gmo grain free diet.  I think the damage potential from these grains is at LEAST as great upon the mind, as it is upon the body.  


So come on back to the “land of milk and honey”- grass fed cattle and dairy, wild local honey, vegetables and fruits- real God made food!


Leave GMO RAT foodland and come to the Paleo Real Food Promised land!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #40 Spice up your Smoothie!

PQTD #40  Spice up your Smoothie!

One of the foundation stones of my version of eating Paleo here at Paleo Quick Tip of the Day and at PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe is a daily, paleo smoothie whipped up in a Vitamix blender, ideally.  Why is this so important?  Because, even more important than eliminating toxic and processed foods like wheat, sugars, high fructose corn syrup and highly processed foods like orange juice and skimmed milk is to add in all of the nutrient dense foods that you can!


The most efficient, easy, and palatable ways to do this is by making your own Paleo Smoothie- one canister usually lasts my wife and myself for several days, and it supplies more nutrition in those few glasses we consume than all of the other God made, ancestral foods we eat- a paleo smoothie is that nutrient dense!


With that in mind, I am constantly trying to increase that density of superfoods to the maximum- and one of the best ways I’ve found to do that is by adding spices to the smoothie- specifically ginger & turmeric.


These are both super spices, that add in nutritional benefits in exceedingly huge proportions, especially considering the small amount that is needed!

I have ginger and turmeric powders that I buy in larger amounts, and then add into small spice jars above my counter- then, when I make my smoothie, I simply reach up and shake about a teaspoon or so of each into my Vitamix... I also have my kelp, maca, and spirulina powders handy in spice jars for easy access!  It makes smoothie making pretty effortless.


Ginger is not only high in nutrient density, it has anti-inflammatory properties that make is a potent protector against cancer, heart disease, and many lesser ailments like colds, flu, and skin conditions.  Turmeric and maca have much the same properties- all are made from ancient plant roots, and can be ground into a powder that can be easily added to your smoothie and are thus easily assimilated into your diet.


In addition, all of these spicy powders are very helpful in the healing of leaky gut, which is endemic in the modern Western world, and the foundation of most of our modern, degenerative diseases.  This includes obesity, all skin diseases, diabetes, heart problems and cancer, not to mention the many lesser ones like gerd, heartburn, diverticulitis, ulcers, migraines- I mean the list goes on and on of the many curses of living in the modern world!


And, if just by adding in some nutrient dense spices into an already veggie loaded smoothie containing just about all that is needed for healthy human life support and enhancement...


My gosh!  Just spice up your life- get a Vitamix with free shipping, any model you choose, at, pick up some spices and the other ingredients for the Paleo Smoothie, and get going NOW!


It’s not complicated, it’s not hard, and just this one simple step will improve your life, mindset and overall health more than anything.  



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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #39 Cure your headache or migraine- the paleo way, naturally!

PQTD #39  Cure yourself of Headaches and Migraines forvever!





Even if you have suffered from chronic headaches and even migraines for years, it is quite possible to eliminate them, or at the very least minimize them in a completely natural manner.  The key point is to adopt a paleo or ancestral type of diet, eliminating gluten entirely, and sugar as much as possible.  This is the perfect first step, and hopefully you have already done it... if not, this is, as I said the first step. 


Primary suspect in this case- GLUTEN!  Bread, pasta, wraps, pizza, donuts, in other words primarily wheat products- your body really doesn’t need them at all, and ever since wheat was genetically altered in the 1960’s and it’s gluten content, particularly certain harmful elements were magnified exponentially. These components of modern wheat gluten are harmful in many ways, including destroying the intestinal vili, and harming the microbes in the gut biome.  Just think of it this way: eating modern wheat products is like pouring acid into your gut lining!


Ironically, ancient versions of wheat, such as Einkorn wheat which is wheat from biblical times, seems to be relatively harmless to the gut, and to our health.  But, given what we’ve just learned, that makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?


So, let’s say we’ve eliminated gluten- we have sandwiches made with lettuce wraps instead of modern wheat bread, and otherwise just eat meat, vegetables, a few starches like white rice or ancient grains, and maybe a sweet potato or baked white potato on occasion, along with lots and lots of green vegetables!  


The BEST way to incorporate these veggies is by incorporating them in a  paleo type of smoothie as I describe at PaleoJay’s smoothie cafe as the paleo smoothie.  Have one of these smoothies on a daily or near daily basis, and virtually ALL of your nutrient, and micronutrient needs are being met.


And that is another point about headaches- micronutrients are key in preventing deficiencies that supply our brains with what they need.  Good FATS are very, very key, and coconut oil and pastured butter should be included in your daily Paleo smoothie as well.


The last point about headaches and their prevention is stress relief.  The components of this matter include adequate sleep- 8 hours should be the minimum sleep you get per night.  And this should be quality sleep, with total darkness, no TV watching or iPhone viewing in bed before sleep- nothing allowed in the bedroom after bedtime except sleep! 


The other matter of stress relief, however, is stress from something otherwise very beneficial- exercise!  


Exercise is very crucial in a paleo type of lifestyle, but it should be done within reason; within paleolithic lifestyle principles!  Paleolithic peoples never worked themselves to exhaustion, or to their ultimate limits.  Neither do animals; because if they do, they become PREY.  They are momentarily helpless, and ready for the slaughter.


Same for you- exercise up to 80% or so- well and good.  90% if your life is in danger... NEVER 100%!  Although we live in the modern world, and you won’t be eaten- you will be subject to physical damage, like headaches, muscle strain and damage, and damage to your structure, like spine and tendons.  


So there you go: eat well, with high nutrient density, eliminate toxins like modern wheat and soy (another GMO nightmare for your body), nurture your gut health with probiotics like kefir and other fermented foods, sleep long and well, and exercise with intensity, but without insanity...


Enjoy peace, tranquility, long life, and a pain free existence!


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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #38- Sleep is more important than exercise AND nutrition!

PQTD #38  Sleep is MORE important than exercise AND nutrition!


Can this really be true?  How can a little thing like sleep be so important, even more important than real, paleo type nutrition and actual perfectly paleo exercise??  What’s such a big deal about sleeping, which to most modern folks seems kind of like not being a hard-charging, drive-ahead sort of man or woman, and instead being a kind of... laid back loser, a hippie without a cause!


Au contraire my frenchophile friend!  Here is what a lack of sleep can, and will do to you:


Hamper your memory and learning ability

Cause you to gain fat weight

Makes you more accident prone

Affects your mood, and makes you depressed

Increases hypertension, stress hormone, and heart problems

Hampers your immune function, making you more prone to all diseases, including cancer and diabetes


Kind of a scary list, isn’t it?  And most people today in the modern world are not just mildly sleep deprived- MOST people are severely sleep deprived, and are really destroying their health, just as they would by eating processed, and fast food meals, twinkies, and washing it all down with soda pop!  At least that won’t KILL them in a few days- did you know that just a few days without sleep can result in DEATH?  And chronic sleep deprivation kills brain cells, and recent animal research suggests that these particular brain cells are never regained- we are just permanently made dumber.


All of this from just trying to prove what hard charging, dynamic, run rings around our competitors types we really are, by forcing ourselves to study, or work, or party hard all night, or stay up on the computer, or watching television, or all of the above...


Instead of getting ahead, we are merely making ourselves fatter, sicker, and dumber than our competition!  


Think about it- we can live a really, really long time without food, or good ancestral style nutrition even, particularly if we are keto adapted, i.e. have become fat burners rather than sugar burners!  Even the leanest of us has weeks and weeks worth of fat on our bodies.  Even water can be lived without for a few days.  Without exercise we can live for many, many years- go to Wal-Mart and look at all of the living non-exercisers...


But Sleep is a different story. It is absolutely critical for not only our health, but our very survival!  And if you are striving for peak health, as I hope you are as a Paleo Quick Tip of the Dayer, it is absolutely crucial.


It is also simple, very enjoyable, completely free, and can’t be overdone, like exercise easily can be, as well as eating food can be.  It doesn’t sound that sexy as adding a chinup, or learning a handstand, but it is not only every bit as important as those goals would be, it is MORE important! 


And so, look closely at my picture on your smartphone as I’m talking to you... gaze into my eyes... you are getting sle-e-e-e-e-py....

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day 37 Save your teeth and skin naturally- with coconut oil!

pqtd 37 Save your Teeth and Skin Naturally- with Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is so good for you, internally, that to go for even a day without ingesting at least some coconut oil seems terrible to me- kind of like the old “a day without sunshine” quote! I mean, talk about a good, God made type of fat- one that nourishes every cell in your body by supplying them with lauric acid, for instance.  Lauric acid can help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, keeps your arteries flexible and atherosclerosis free. Coconut oil is also a metabolism booster- I know when I first started adding coconut milk and oil to my Paleo smoothie, I immediately lost over 5 pounds I didn’t even know I had to lose- really!  It was all visceral fat, meaning around my internal organs, so it really didn’t show, but that is the most dangerous kind of fat for your health.  Thanks, coconut oil!


But, did you know that the external benefits of coconut oil are just as profound?


I always recommend having a jar of good, expeller pressed coconut oil in both the kitchen- and the bathroom. The one in the bathroom is a skin lotion par exellance!  If you whip it with a blender, and maybe put in a few drops of an herbal oil like peppermint or lavender, it will be airy,light and creamy- just put some on your hands when you get out of the shower, and coat your skin from face down to your toes!  NOTHING is better for your skin than this natural, coconut oil cream...AND the lauric acid and many other beneficial components of the oil will absorb into your bloodstream, right through your skin! (Makes you kind of leery of petroleum, chemical based skin lotions, doesn’t it?  It should- THEY are absorbed through your skin in the same way.)


Also, to shave with coconut oil is the best lubricant you can find- healthy and moisturizing, without feeling greasy in the slightest.  And, you can and should just leave the remainder on after shaving- men and women both! Coconut oil is both antifungal, and antibacterial...


It’s also great as a hair conditioner- just rub it into your hair and scalp, and leave in for a few hours, then shampoo.  Your hair will be soft, moisturized, and revitalized!


What about the TEETH?  Well, the antibacterial effect of a mouthful of coconut oil is amazing, not to mention that it de-acidifies your mouth, teeth and gums- this acidity is what really harms our teeth, encouraging the growth of harmful bacteria that erode our teeth and gums.  You can even brush your teeth with coconut oil... but, the very best thing you can do for your oral health period- I believe this even is more important than brushing or flossing- is coconut oil pulling!


Just take about a tablespoonful before you shower, and put it in your mouth.  Swish it around, or “pull” it through your teeth and around your mouth for the length of your shower, and shaving, and the rest of your morning routine- then, last thing before you leave the bathroom to get dressed- spit out the oil into the toilet.


That oil you just spit out is holding all of the bacteria, acidity, and just plain pollution that has accumulated inside your mouth. So now, you mouth, teeth, gums and entire oral cavity are rejuvenated, pristine, and on the way to perfect health.  


And if you then take some more coconut oil in by way of your daily Paleo Smoothie, so is the rest of you on that same journey!


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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day 36 The PUSHUP is the ULTIMATE exercise!

We all know about the pushup- a simple, boring means of exercise from grade school gym class- we all want to do spinning classes, Olympic lifts, Powerlifting and Pilates!!


Well, I’m here to tell you that, unfortunately for marketing, (the same marketing that tells you that saturated fat is bad, high cholesterol needs lots of drugs to “solve” it, and that whole grains are wonderful)- that the same marketing has been done to pervert EXERCISE!


Real Food is perfect food- God made foods are ideal for us and our health!  Duh!!


Grass fed meat, butter, free range eggs and pork, wild caught seafood, organic local veggies- ALL are vastly better for us than CAFO animals and eggs, pesticide riddled produce, and dairy that has been “processed” under extreme heat and deprived of its nutrients and enzymes...


BUT, REAL EXERCISE is in the same category!




Let me say that again: the pushup is the ULTIMATE EXERCISE!!


Better than p90X, better than Olympic, Power, or bodybuilding- better than spin classes, rock climbing, or Pilates- nothing is better for your health, physique, or your overall sound mind in a sound body than the simple PUSHUP!


Glad I got that out of my system.


Just like real food, the message has been lost because... there is nothing to sell!


Here is the real deal: just do pushups, twice per week!


This is like sprinting, with your upper body (your WHOLE upper body!)   And the benefits are legion.  Your rib cage and ALL of the muscles of your upper body, abs, and lower back all benefit.  Your cardio and “wind” improve as much as if you were on some stupid cardio machine.  AND your musculature develops in a totally natural and symetrical way, unlike weight lifting, which really does stimulate unnatural bulk and blockiness of the physique...



And so, for your fitness foundation, I, PaleoJay recommend:  


Twice per week, do a pushup workout!  Men AND women.


I do mine in front of the television... this is optional!  


First, I do a set of virtual, dynamic, or self resisted exercises, which are basically a set of flexing my muscles, much as a bodybuilder would do, for repetitions...  I cover all the muscles in the body, deliberately and completely focused.  It feels great, and is the same thing that the ancient Greeks and Romans did to develop the physiques of the statues we still admire today.


THEN, on either Wednesday or Thursday, I do pushups:


I do have a set of Perfect Pushups, which I think are wonderful since you can both go deeper into the movement, and also since they rotate to make it safe for the elbows and shoulders.  But, you can do it without just fine!


Do one set of pushups with your arms at shoulder, or medium width.  If you can do 5; do 5- then next time, do 6...


Next, do one set at a wider grip- whatever you can do, but do NOT go to failure- just whatever you can manage to do that leaves a little effort “still in the tank”.


then, do a set with a NARROW grip- about 12 inches from palm to palm...  this set will be less reps!



I like to do my pushups with my legs raised on the back of a couch, or other support, but whatever works for you at your current level is wonderful!  It’s just gradual progression...


One note: for women especially, but anyone deconditioned:


If you can’t do pushups, (as many can’t nowadays)- just do negative pushups!


If you need to, leave your knees on the floor... 


But, you can also do negative pushups, which are the BOMB!


For a negative pushup, you just get into the top position of the pushup, and then just slowly lower yourself into the bottom position!  Repeat...


This simple strategy duplicates all of the results of a standard pushup- really!  


I like to do this 2X per week- this gives ample recovery, and will quite simply do more for your body than hours and hours of the commonly marketed exercise systems (like crossfit, P90X, Olympic and Powerlifting) and all the other marketed and over-hyped exercise protocols I’ve heard about and seen advertised on informercials and misinformation on the internet; unfortunately even on Paleo Exercise podcasts...


I’m sorry this podcast is longer than I wanted, but I thought this information was incredibly important.  EXERCISE is being made WAY overcomplicated!


The ancient Greeks, or Hellenes as they called themselves, were the start of so many things! The founders of modern medicine, the ideal of a sound mind in a sound body, the very notion of an ideal human form!!




So go ahead- be an exercise Hippocrates!  Do pushups!


Twice per week!!


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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day 34- Fat is Our Friend

PQTD #34  The One Paleo Food You Don’t Eat Nearly Enough of... FAT


The one thing that almost no one, including paleo lifestyle folks eats enough of is indeed FAT! Good, satisfying, God made fat, as in kill and eat the fatted calf, and cook it in cream and coconut oil!


I have just finished Jimmy Moore’s latest book Keto Clarity, and I must say that, although I am quite paleolithic in my diet, even I do not eat enough fat!  I eat a lot by normal standards, but not up to 80% of my diet by any means...  And, to get to a ketogenic (or fat burning) state where the body and brain is running on ketones, which are the human bodies perfect fuel- fat needs to make up at least 50% or so of the diet!


I mean real fat, as I said above: NOT crisco, margarine, vegetable oils, cool whip, or any other MAN made fake fat or food.  I mean heavy whipping cream, pastured butter, coconut oil, avocados, eggs (especially the yolks) full fat cream cheese, sour cream, bacon and cream cheese!  These foods, along with green leafy and cruciferous veggies and a small amount of protein from your grass fed beef, seafood, pork and chicken become the ketones that your body needs to run best on.  AND, once you get the process underway by eating enough fats to kick start your switch over to a fat burning ancestral human instead of a SAD sugar burning modern American, why then your body can supplement the process by easily accessing and burning your OWN fat stores!  Now this is a big win win.


Of course, we are also talking about limiting carbs here dramatically- but it is quite easy to do so, once you are getting enough fat, because you are never hungry - fat is that satiating.


The health benefits of a ketogenic diet are amazing- for brain health, depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, headaches- it’s almost as if you name it, burning ketones from fat is the cure!  Not to mention the obvious, that the more fat you eat, the more fat your body loses...counterintuitive, but completely true nonetheless.


So, make yourself a big meal of , oh, 4 pastured eggs scrambled with sour cream, a few bacon strips, paleo coffee with a teaspoon or so of coconut oil dissolved in it and topped with whipped cream...still hungry?  Oh, I forgot your daily Paleo smoothie- along with all the veggies, kefir, eggs, berries and all the rest you are also going to add in a big slab of Kerrygold butter and an avocado...


Sip that along with your little breakfast, and I absolutely guarantee you won’t be hungry for a long, long time- you won’t want of need a snack, and your body will start to get the idea that hey- Fat is our friend!  We don’t need it on our bellies and thighs because we can get it from our food anytime we want!  

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day 33- Microwaving your Food is... GOOD!

Microwaving your food is...GOOD!

I'm sure that many of you have read articles about the evils of microwaved foods...



I know I have, and so I endeavored to come to the bottom of the issue.  And the bottom is- (drumroll)-


Microwaving your food and beverages is not only SAFE-



It preserves nutrient value BETTER than most other forms of cooking!


So there.  



Here is an article on the blog of Paul Jaminet of the The Perfect Health Diet.  


He goes into detail on the latest, and older studies of microwaves and their effect on food.  I think the main problem is that we ALL, me included, have an innate distrust of what we perceive as processed foods.  And rightfully so!  Industrially processed and FAST foods are indeed largely unhealthy, and pernicious not only in how they affect our health, but also in how they effect our home lives by supplanting family meals, meal preparation, and just a wholesome life centered around the home and the kitchen.


BUT, and this is important, sometimes we need to look at the whole picture: 


Sure, Aunt Bea didn't use a microwave, since it was not yet invented! 


 BUT, she WOULD have, and not skipped a beat in Mayberry, since it would simply have been another invention that would have made her daily meal preparation so much easier and efficient- for instance, if there had been one in the courthouse, Andy and Barney could have heated their meals there- Aunt Bea wouldn't need to bring them down from the house...



Mayberry aside, we don't want to be Paleo LUDDITES- people who fear technology, and shun it as entirely EVIL.  All technology is not necessarily evil at all, and microwaving our food, and iPhones, and computers, all seem to fall into this camp of USEFUL TECHNOLOGY.  


Such technology should be prized, not feared!


Here is another quick read about microwave cooking from the Harvard school.  


If you're not convinced yet, well then go ahead and give up microwaves!  It won't hurt you to do so...


But it sure won't help you, or your health, at ALL!



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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day 32 Be your own Coach, Teacher, Doctor and GURU!

PQTD #32  Be your own coach- teacher-doctor- and GURU!


Yes, that’s right paleo grasshopper- YOU need to to MAN or WOMAN up to be the best you you can be! This is key for being healthy, sane and happy- to be a realized individual that can deal with life in a non-scripted, healthy way.  


Most people are simply addicted to the modern life experiment. This is the life most live nowadays: 


addicted to television- cell phones- SCREENS of all sorts!

addicted to processed carbs

deathly afraid of fats!

ALSO deathly afraid of dirt and things that are hard!!


If this is you, then I am the guru for you... for I am the guru that will insist that YOU be your OWN guru!


Don’t listen to infomercial gurus like P90X and all the clones, including Crossfit and other canned workout boxes that tell you exactly what to do, and when, and what to eat, and when, ad nauseum.  Think for yourself!


Try to do things for yourself- grow a garden, however small.  Shop at farmer’s markets- go out on a limb and make connections with the growers!  Talk to ranchers, or butchers that market good quality pastured meats and dairy- be gregarious, even if it is not in your nature!  Trust me, it soon will be... and it is so worth it to get good quality food that will vastly improve your health!


DO NOT go to medical doctors- I know, this will be controversial, but it is common sense and a no-brainer, really.  Unless you are in a horrible accident, like a car wreck where you are seriously broken, medical doctors know almost NOTHING about health- they only know about disease, and how to mask the symptoms!  That is the truth- the medical establishment can do wonders if you are horribly broken, but after they put you back together... your own BODY is the only thing that can heal you, and YOU are the only one that can restore, and reBUILD your HEALTH!  Pay no attention to those men and women behind the “white coat” curtain...


Try to have LOTS of hobbies- reading is great, especially about health and fitness in an ancestral manner... history is great for learning how people of the past lived, ate, slept and worshipped- we learn through stories and metaphors, primarily: so fiction is every bit (and probably MORE) important for our well being than non fiction!


This is kind of an all encompassing, general type of podcast, but heartfelt for all of that- here are my takeaway points for you, your marching orders if you will:


Do NOT turn on the TV, UNLESS you are either exercising, stretching, or at least just SITTING on the floor!  Be Asian- squat, or just sit on the floor when relaxing- sitting on a chair or couch is just letting your body become a mass of jelly...


Only eat carbs in small amounts, and ONLY in the form of SAFE STARCHES, like white rice, white or sweet potato (without the skin and its antinutrients), or in the form of green carbs in unlimited amounts. 



Your grandparents didn’t, their parents didn’t, folks from the middle ages didn’t, ancient times didn’t, and neither did paleolithic peoples- and they had NONE of our diseases!


Eat LOTS and LOTS of real, God Made saturated fats!  These are the fats, like that from the (Pastured!) fatted calf that are vitally important for our health- what our ancestors all prized for their goodness and health promoting properties- and what our hormones and actually our very CELLS are made of- EAT FAT!  Whole eggs with cream cheese, tons of veggies with tons of pastured butter, pastured bacon with all of the fat left in the pan to fry eggs, cook a duck and save the fat for later- (that’s what I’m doing right after I finish writing this podcast!)- 


DIRT IS GOOD! I don’t mean filth- filth is man made- things like broken glass, spilled chemicals- well, like a modern agribusiness growing field for GMO corn or soy!  That is filth...  


     I mean SOIL- living, breathing soil; loaded with microorganisms and earthworms- those microorganisms are our partners in life- they are within us, and creating a wonderful microbiome that we ingest, that is and always has been a part of us.  Grow your garden- get your hands dirty!  Walk around barefoot!  Be like your ancestors- be healthy, natural, happy, and NOT dependent on 

Big medicine

Big government

Big entertainment


to keep you happy and healthy- depend on YOURSELF, your family and your friends and your neighbors!  IT IS THAT EASY, NATURAL, AND COMMON SENSE!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #31 Eat Fat to be Healthy, Slim, and HAPPY!

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #32  EAT FAT to be Slim, Healthy, and HAPPY



Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain- Eating saturated fat is GOOD for you!  How good?  Well, good enough to:


reduce your body fat 

increase your muscle mass

increase your satiety; i.e. you won’t be hungry!

make you more “sane” by vastly reducing depression, anxiety, and feelings of anxiousness

increase your bone density

reduce your risk of cancer

improve your skin, eye, and dental health


All of the aforementioned are wonderful reasons to include MORE saturated fat in your diet!  By saturated fat I mean things like the lard and tallow from wild caught or pastured animals- pastured bacon grease is wonderful stuff- have you ever fried your (pastured eggs) in bacon grease?  Really, really yummy- and incredibly good for you, too.


Pastured butter like Kerry Gold or Organic Valley is great as well, as is my favorite, coconut oil!  I put coconut milk in my smoothie, and coconut oil in my coffee on a daily basis.  I also put it on my skin as a body cream from head to toe, shave with it as a shaving cream, and swish it in my mouth while I shower to “oil pull” and kill mouth bacteria and reduce the acidity in my mouth...  I love coconut oil!


You are probably thinking to yourself that:


“This PaleoJay character sounds like a complete lunatic!”  


Maybe you’re right, gut remember that you, and all of us have been brainwashed for over 50 years by the BIG FAT LIE!  That is the lie originally propagated by Ancel Keyes back in the 1960’s, and then spread through misinformed governmental, agricultural, and pharmaceutical interests for all of those decades.  Now, ALL of the recent science supports the importance and healthfulness of those saturated fats that have been vilified for so long... but, if you have said the wrong thing for all of those years, well, it’s not too easy to say that you’ve been WRONG!


And so, human tendency is to keep on keepin’ on, as long as you can...


But now, YOU my friend, YOU know better!  Eat lots and lots of saturated fat- it is truly good, and necessary for your health and well being.


But, you also have to know the other side of the coin- what you REALLY should have been concentrating on eliminating for all of these years- the things that have really been the things that have made us, overall, the fattest, sickest, and unhappiest generation in American history:


1.Vegetable oils- corn, canola, crisco, margarine, peanut- all of those trans-fats that would never actually be found in nature as oils

Processed carbohydrates and gluten- all of those food like substances made by man, not in Nature as made by God.  In fact, if you include these bad carbohydrates in quantity along with good saturated fats, it will be a perfect storm of unhealthiness- so restrict the carbs, and replace them with good fats!  Don’t try to include both- it won’t work, it won’t help, and it will probably make matters worse.

Sugars- this means all sugars, like cane sugar, agave sugar which is WORSE than cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup, chemical sweeteners like Aspartame- they are all horrible for you.  Keep them at a minimum- including FRUIT!  Yes, small amounts of fruit is fine; I put some berries and citrus in my daily Paleo Smoothie- but the ratio of fruit to vegetable and kefir, eggs, spices, other ingredients is a fraction of the total.  Sweeteners are inflammatory, and inflammation is the indirect cause of virtually ALL modern diseases!  Restrict them.


And so, now you know the rest of the story: 


Real God made fat is really, really good, and Fake man made fat is really, really, really




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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day 30- Heal Your Feet and Eyes, Paleo Style

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #30  Heal Yourself- Throw Away your Casts and Crutches


I know, you probably don’t have literal casts on your limbs and crutches to get around on!  But, perhaps you or someone you know has had one or the other in the past, and you certainly know what either does for them-


The limb encased in a cast withers and weakens...


The leg supported by the arms through crutches weakens as well, while the shoulders and arms actually strengthen by supporting the injured leg!


You don’t have a cast or crutch?  You do, my friend-


If you wear shoes on your feet, and glasses for your eyes- you are wearing crutches that will weaken the God made structure of your body over time!


Now, I don’t mean to tell you to totally go cold turkey on these modern inventions; but I do want you to be aware that every time you rely on them, you are depriving your body of the small stressors it has adapted to require for optimum foot health and eye health.   


For instance, your feet are like intricate suspension bridges, taught with tendons and finely crafted bones that can flex, move, and adapt to all kinds of natural surfaces.  Your feet are also equipped with sensitive feeling and temperature sensitive devices that are exquisitely designed to fine tune your gait, posture and joints to optimal movement.


Now, imagine your feet in SHOES- cumbersome, confining blocks or “casts” of leather or plastic and rubber- cutting you off from the ground entirely, with no feeling left, no freedom of movement, an unnaturally raised heel, and no temperature sensing or intricate sense of balance left to be felt and accounted for- in other words, ALL of these small “stressors” that are so beneficial to the health and strength and safety of our feet health is... gone.


Now, I’m not saying to go “cold turkey” in this modern world of ours, with shattered glass lying around some places, and No Shoes No Service signs around- but I am saying to just do the best  you can to go barefoot, or at least in socks in the house, or in barefoot shoes as often as you can!  Xero Shoes are ideal for this!


The MORE natural movement you can get on your soon-to-be healthy feet and knees and hips and back the better- it will really, naturally restore the health of a really problematic and neglected facet of your body!

Kind of like rebuilding your body from the ground up...


As for your EYES- the younger you are, the more you can rebuild your eye health!  Apart from optimizing your nutrition in a Paleo type of fashion, and consuming a wonderful God made diet of real foods, especially vegetables and real fats, (ideally in a Paleo Smoothie whipped up in your Vitamix blender)- the best thing you can do for your eyes is to EXERCISE THEM!


Take off your glasses as much as possible- do not rely on them exclusively, make your eyes WORK!  


With your eyeglasses on, your eyes are on crutches- they hardly have to work at ALL... and, over time, they will get weaker and weaker!


If you can read without glasses- DO IT!  If you can see far without glasses- DO IT!!  Just like shoes- the less you use glasses as crutches, the stronger your eyes will become.  At least in your house and yard- just like shoes- don’t wear them!  If you are reading, move the book or phone back just enough so the print starts to blur- wait at this edge of vision, and usually the print will clear up and become sharp!


Over time, just move it back a little farther, at least for short sessions of reading.  Do the same with distances- see how far you can focus- concentrate on a branch that is just past your range of distance vision, and then move slightly closer- gradually it will sharpen up, as your eyes work to focus.  


Do pushups for your eyes- focus on something close, like your finger close to your face- then, quickly concentrate on something like that far away branch- repeat for “reps”!  


The last thing for eye health is to go to someone called a Behavioral Optometrist!  They are trained in just the sort of thing I am talking about here- to restore real vision to your eyes NATURALLY, and to not let them gradually degenerate!  


Request a weaker prescription for your next pair of eyeglasses!  Even if you can’t find a Behavioral Optometrist you can do this- you want your prescription just strong enough so that you can see ok, but not so strong that you have big telescopes on your eyes that allow your eyes to “coast” and weaken!  Then, next year or so, get a still weaker prescription...


This whole process really does work- over time, I have become eyeglass free myself, although I used to have to wear them constantly- and getting away from wearing glasses changes your whole view on the world, and how you relate to other people in a big, big way...


So, I hope I have convinced you to get rid of your casts and crutches-


Set yourself FREE!  

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Friday, August 1, 2014

paleo Quick Tip of the Day 29 Eat Fermented Foods and THRIVE

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #29 Eat Real Fermented Vegetables and THRIVE



I have been an advocate of fermented veggies for a long time, but recently I have come to realize that they are very, very important indeed for your overall health!


I mean right up there with eliminating grain and sugar from your diet important...


For a long time I have repeated over and over “Add in Kefir or Greek Yogurt with active cultures into your daily Paleo Smoothie!”  And this is, and was wonderful advice indeed.

But I have been reading scholarly articles (so you don’t have to) and the latest rage in Paleodom is: Lactobacillus Plantarum, OR L.plantarum 299v


This is the fermented microbe, or “gut buddy” that lives in us all, and does really good things for us, health-wise!   Perhaps most importantly, this particular, plant-based microbe protects and heals our almost always damaged intestinal linings.  This means things like Chrone’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, anything in the gut- Lactobacillus Plantarum is what we need- it is the answer to our problem!


I had always thought that a good gut microbe was a good gut microbe... and that’s true- but the rest of the story is that we need both- MILK based gut buddies- Lactobacillus acidophilus...


AND PLANT based gut buddies!!


Lactobacillus Plantarum, OR L.plantarum 299v!


I have long advocated that you use Kefir, or Greek yogurt to promote the Dairy based microbes of health- but NOW I know that you need BOTH varieties: SO, you need Plant based gut buddies, yes indeed you do DAILY!


But, not in your Paleo Smoothie.  


Eat a pickle or two.  Have some sauerkraut with your brat, or with your eggs, or your pork chop.  Have some kimchi with whatever you like!  Maybe on your salad... 


BUT THESE ARE IMPORTANT!  OUR ANCESTORS ATE THIS STUFF EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THEIR LIVES (before refrigeration), since fermentation was the only preservation available- and we have adapted to that!  We NEED fermented veggies to be truly healthy!  Processed foods (once again!) are found... SADLY LACKING!


So, where do you get this superfood, this wondrous health producing wonder of the Paleo era??  


Ideally, you make your own- it’s not hard, and kind of fun.  I’ll include a link to that explains how to do it on a larger scale...


But if you are just getting started, you might want to just BUY some fermented veggies to get started!  I think this is a natural reaction, and I can relate.  


Go to your local supermarket, and buy...


This is the only national manufacturer of fermented vegetables like pickles and sauerkraut that does it right!  NOT pasteurized (that would kill all the gut buddies!), not just packed in vinegar to give a sour taste without any fermentation at all- their stuff is the real deal!


Farmer’s Markets often have vendors that make their own fermented veggies for sale- this is also a wonderful option, just like making it yourself.  But, if not available- do NOT but the mass manufactured pickles and sauerkraut and other FAKE fermented vegetables- THEY ARE NOT FERMENTED, REALLY, AT ALL!!


Don’t buy them- but, if you have Asian stores in your area, pick up a bottle of kimchi!  Wonderful, pungent but VERY healthy stuff!!  The Asian stuff is wonderful, but the standard fermented sauerkraut and pickles are....


Just another indication of the sad state of America’s food supply- things listed as healthy and wholesome are usually... NOT!  Caveat Emptor- “Buyer Beware”


As true today as it was in Imperial Rome, which we are coming to resemble more and more each day!  High taxes, destruction of the small land holders in favor of the rich, politically connected BIG land holders, profits over quality, money over health...


The list goes on and on.  


Back in the latter days of Rome, those with her original values moved “back to the land”... FAR from Rome- out to Spain, and France, and even Britain!  They decided to provide for themselves, as much as they could, since the Empire itself was rotten and decaying.  


I am sad to say, but we are in a similar situation today.  REMOVE yourself, as much as possible, from BIG government.  Ignore their recommendations.  Do what YOU know to do be best:


1.Eat real, God made food- not processed crap

Avoid grains and sugars, that are in all the sterile foods recommended by the Government via the FDA and the Food Plate

Rely and trust your local neighbors and friends, NOT the BIG Government bureaucrats

Use your God given common sense- do what your grandparents would have done, about EVERYTHING- physically, mentally, spiritually- to quote the Wizard of Oz

Eat fermented foods


But a Vitamix!  Best way to eat real foods in the modern world!  AND, if you use my link for free shipping on you are helping to support the show, and also helping to support your own healthy life, and that of your family!


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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day- Gorge Yourself on the Good

I was at a 60th birthday party recently- (I am 62 myself), and was surprised to find that a party is, at this  point in life, often a place to talk about... illness. 


Illnesses and the DRUGS to treat them!


I had this strange feeling that I was a seer: I knew what each person talking really needed, a bit of information that would rectify what was wrong with them; would save them, if you will, from disease, disability, and eventual premature death!  


The only problem is that... I really can’t say anything!


This is what a knowledge of the Ancestral way of living does to you!  You know what almost everyone needs to restore their health- get rid of their degenerative diseases, that are gradually destroying their health, wellness, and quality of life...


But you also know that they don’t want to hear it!


You’re not a Doctor!  You’re not qualified!  


But, most importantly: they don’t want to change their habits- their way of eating and living! NO NO NO!


It’s ironic, but Medical Doctors know nothing about nutrition- nothing!  In fact,  they as a rule tend to discount its importance entirely.


It’s really crazy that someone like PaleoJay, a 62 year old English major in college, knows more than an MD from Harvard or anywhere else-

but it’s TRUE!


Just as someone like Jimi Hendrix learned through actually doing it how to express himself musically through a guitar by actually doing it- so it is that if you endeavor to educate yourself about your own health and wellness by actually doing, and exploring ideas and experimenting rather than just following accepted rote dogma-  you can actually fix your own health!  And that of others, like your family and friends!




Back to before: virtually EVERYONE, by the age of 60, has LOTS of medical issues- metabolic syndrome, diabesity, skin conditions, actual diabetes itself, obesity and heart disease, chronic stress and high blood pressure; difficulty sleeping, rheumatoid arthritis, even cancer...


The incredible secret I want to tell you here is that:



Right now, I’m not at a party with friends- I’m here, talking to YOU, my BEST friend!  And I’m here to tell you that if you just EAT real, God made foods; foods like grass fed meat, pastured eggs, LOTS of veggies (especially whipped up in a Vitamix blender/smoothie!), pastured dairy like butter and cream- preferably raw!, get LOTS of sleep, rest and recreation- do SOME bodyweight and virtually resistance exercises most days- walk as much as you can daily, spend time with friends and family on a regular basis (not just watching tv together), and get out in the SUN for at least 15 minutes per day, preferably in a natural, forest or savanah-like environment...




Of course, if you also eliminate BREAD, and pasta, and anything containing gluten whatsoever, like... almost everything that is manmade like fast food, deli food, breakfast food, sandwich food, food food- in other words- MAN MADE PROCESSED FOODS-  




BUT, I think that most people getting into the Ancestral lifestyle concentrate on ELIMINATING foods; which is why I concentrate on ADDING IN nutrient dense, good, GOD MADE FOODS!  


If you do that: you won’t want, or have room for the man made CRAP.  


And so, concentrate on adding in as much as you possibly can of good, wholesome God made foods!


To paraphrase John Wesley:


Eat as much God made food as you can! 

As often as you can! With all the friends that you can! With all the people that you can! As long as ever you can!


Sorry to go all evangelical on you, but I feel that strongly about this.  


The more of good food you eat, the less of the bad!


Gorge yourself on the GOOD!


In SLEEP, in family and friend relations- at church, and with your neighbors!  GORGE yourself on a daily exercise regimen in the early morning doing Perfectly Paleo Exercise- POUR Veggie and Vitamin rich smoothie into your body morning and noon... FAST at night, regulating your body in tune with it’s ancestral rythmns of feast and famine- sing and dance with your friends- have campfires and wander through the forest, getting in tune with nature!!  Go to bed EARLY, and wake up EARLY- get in touch with your circadian rythmns!


And now?  Life is good!  Who even WANTS a donut?






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