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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cure your Hemorrhoids cheaply, safely, and naturally!

PQTD 60 Cure your hemorrhoids cheaply, safely, and naturally


OK, my friends- this has to rank right up there with most awkward podcasts/articles ever- but no less important for all of that!  When I read that 75% of people will experience the pain and suffering of hemorrhoids throughout their lives, I realized that I had better weigh in on this important matter, since it can be every bit as painful and debilitating as bad tooth pain!  Extreme pain, in either end of the body, whether teeth, or bottom, can pretty much derail your life and happiness.  Fortunately, through an ancestral or paleo type of lifestyle and diet, all three can not only be cured, but actually prevented and stopped for good!


But today, let’s talk hemorrhoids!  


Not getting enough fiber from copious amounts of vegetables, preferably green veggies, can be an instigator.  Couple that with not enough liquid throughout the day, and straining at stool... coupled with a sedentary lifestyle- you will wind up with hemorrhoids.


But say that NOW, you are plagued with the painful condition, and just want to know how to treat it!  Here is your immediate answer:


Get a bottle of witch hazel at the local drug store.  After having a painful bowel movement, take a thickish wad of tissue, double it over, and then douse with a healthy portion of witch hazel.  Wipe your bottom with the witch hazel, and then repeat!  Perhaps a third time if it is really painful.


This should stop the acute pain!  Next, get a good two-fingers full of coconut oil, and massage it right onto your bottom, onto your anus area itself.  Wash your hands really well!!


Repeat the process each time you have to “go”.  Start fixing yourself a Paleo Green Smoothie each day, and drink it down!  Not only will this fix your lack of green veggies and their accompanying nutrients to repair the damage, it will also serve to prevent the condition from ever happening again.  With a large daily serving, the miracle of a smoothie will also completely hydrate you, and eliminate that other component that leads to ill health.

It really is that simple!  There are literally thousands of procedures, and ointments, creams, and salves, not to mention numerous expensive and painful surgical procedures that are invented to cure this problem...


but this is all that you need!


Like most things in life, the cure is simple, and natural, just as God and nature intended.  You will only be misled by hucksters, corporations, and other charlatans that want to profit from your pain- ignore them!


Witch hazel, and coconut oil- easy cheap and effective!  


Oh, and for future tooth pain?  


Just start with that coconut oil that you have on hand... each day, as you shower, “oil pull” with a spoonful or so- just swish that coconut oil around your mouth as you shower, and prepare for your day.  This ONE STEP will do more to prevent dental problems than anything else you can do-


And that includes going to the dentist AND brushing and flossing!


Don’t get me wrong, do the brushing and flossing, but the oil pulling rules!


Do these things, and you can give yourself a well-earned pat on the behind!


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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day Train your FEET, your NECK, and your EYES!

pqtd 59  Train  your FEET and NECK -even your EYES


Today’s podcast is near and dear to me- Most people do lip service to exercise, since everyone knows (at last!) that physical exercise is vital to health and wellness.  Most older people, however, just walk at the mall, in highly cushioned shoes, or walk on a treadmill or around their neighborhoods- again, in highly cushioned walking shoes that are guaranteed to put your feet into a foam “cast”, and thus make them ever weaker.


In terms of health and wellness, if your feet are in constant pain and discomfort, who cares what your 10K time is, or how much you can lift?  Work out for a lifetime, I say, and that means first taking care of the basics!


Every morning, during my Perfectly Paleo Exercise routine, I do several exercises especially for my feet!  In addition, since I always work out barefoot in the living room, and wearing my Xero sandals when in the basement, my feet are constantly involved in whatever exercise I am doing, stabilizing with my toes, strengthening my arch, and twisting and bending as they are meant to do!  And, I also massage my feet with my hands, routinely, as part of my workout.  It doesn’t take long, but the results are so worth it... even my hands and fingers are strengthened by that massage!


In warmer weather, I sprint once per week in the yard, barefooted.  5 or 6 hundred yard dashes or so, sometimes longer, for maybe 10-15 minutes.  But build up to this!  Start by just walking around your house either barefoot or in stockinged feet- never wear shoes in your house! 


OK- that’s your feet, becoming their paleo, healthy selves for a lifetime!  Now, on to your neck...


The neck is the other part of the body that, when it hurts or is unnaturally weak, will really ruin your life!  Think about the last time you had a sore or stiff neck- you couldn’t do anything physical at all.  So, during your daily morning workouts (I suggest working out daily, or almost daily for at least a short while) take some time to manually resist moving your head against your hands- push your forehead against your resisting palms, then backwards, and then from side to side.  Push with perhaps a 70-80% perceived maximum resistance level, for a few seconds duration each way- that’s it!  It doesn’t take long at all, and can really make a long term impact on your health- do you really want to be one of those elderly people that is permanently hunched over?


So, you’ve saved your feet, and you’ve saved your neck!  Now, how important to you are your eyes??


It’s not widely known, but the eyes are like the feet- use them naturally, as they are meant to be used, and they will become stonger!  If you constantly wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, your eyes are essentially locked in casts- the will become weaker and weaker over time.


Don’t wear your glasses indoors, unless you really, really need to.  Hold books out to where you can barely read them, at the edge of your focus, and read them there. Don’t make the print on your computer so BIG that it looks like the first letters on an optometrist’s eye chart- make your eyes work.  


And above all, make a habit of looking off into the distance, and then back at something close up, and then back into the distance- exercise your eyes.  Consider getting a weaker prescription, not a stronger one next eye Dr. appointment.  Go to a behavioral optometrist, where they believe as I do- they will work with you to get gradually weaker prescriptions to strengthen your eyesight.  A standard optometrist will try to sell you on a stronger prescription, with expensive lenses and frames each and every time you visit them.


It’s a great business model for them, just like selling prescription drugs is great for the drug companies... but it will make your vision progressively worse.  Just as the prescription drugs will mask the symptoms, while making your health progressively worse.


So treat the cause!  Don’t walk with cushioned shoes, which lead eventually to a cane, and then a walker.  Go the other way- to LESS technology- walk barefoot!  Exercise your feet.


Exercise your neck, and while you’re at it, your spine and the rest of your body via Perfectly Paleo Exercise.  Be physically healthy the rest of your life- try going glasses free as much as possible too!  


We were created to be perfectly functioning humans.  We evolved to match an environment that we have unwittingly turned toxic, through too much ease and comfort on the one hand, and too much stress and unnaturalness on the other- toxic city water loaded with chemicals, endless job responsibilities, outrageous taxes and overbearing government control.


We need to go back as much as possible!  Our future is in our past. 

Try to live in the real world, the paleo world.  Anything else is madness.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #58 Cut the Government Gluten- but Embrace the Real Nutrients

pqtd #58 Quit Gluten AND embrace natural nutrients

The big thing now, nutritionally, is to go “gluten free”, and believe me, that is a fad that is worth following!  Gluten, from wheat primarily in the American Standard American Diet aka S.A.D. is a protein found in wheat that is extremely caustic and damaging over time to the intestines of mammals.  It was increased greatly in the 1970’s in what was called at the time “The Green Revolution”, when wheat was altered to increase yields.


And it did increase yields, big time!  Unfortunately, nobody thought to test things like increased “anti-nutrients” like gluten and gliadin in this new wheat- they just looked at the yields, and went ahead full bore, replacing the wheats of the bible and before like Spelt and Einkorn that waved majestically 6 feet or more in the air, and replaced them with squat, gluten loaded monstrosities that yielded many more grains per acre, but at a as-of- then undetermined cost in side effects.  And so, yes, please, give up gluten!


But this is not the end of the story, and to simply replace all of our beloved processed foods and junk food with those made without gluten is an improvement, but rather slight when compared to gaining real health!  Along with eliminating wheat, we need to start adding in all of the nutrients that wheat has replaced over the years- cut the wheat, but vastly increase the green veggies, the cultured full fat dairy (preferably raw), the organ meats, and the FAT!  


This is probably the hardest concept to get across to people who have never really experienced the benefits of an ancestral or paleo type of diet.  After being brainwashed for over 50 years to cut the fat- eat low fat this and that, and skimmed milk, and margarine instead of butter- it is hard for folks to fathom that yes, indeed, their grandparents had been right, and modern medical advice has been dead wrong for at least 50 years.


The truth?  Orange juice is bad- it’s just sugar water- ditto all fruit juices.  And sugar is worse for you than smoking cigarettes- really!  It is the most cancer stimulating substance known- also, it will cut your insulin sensitivity, setting you up for diabesity, which is just the first stage of diabetes, obesity, progressive heart disease, cancer and alzheimer’s and many other auto-immune diseases.  They all get started in your “leaky gut”, which begins with wheat and sugar, continues with the ravages of industrial seed oils like soy and corn and canola and peanut, margarine and other nutrient lacking oils...


Take charge- cut gluten, then add in lots of fat- pastured butter, free range eggs, lots of wild caught seafood  (sardines are great) cod liver oil, and everything I recommend you put into your daily Paleo Green Smoothie!  


This fulfills the package, and lets your body truly rebuild and thrive from the inside out, repairing all the damage that has been done eating the “low fat LIE” diet over the years.  Cook for yourself and your family, go back to the days when we provided our nutrition for ourselves using real God made foods from nature, and turn your back on man made, processed foods promoted by Big Government and Big Corporations through subsidies provided by your tax dollars...


Throw out the Government Gluten, but at the same time embrace Real Foods with Natural Nutrients!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #57 Phil Mickelson and LeBron James go PALEO

pqtd 57  Phil Mickelson and LeBron James both go Paleo


In case you haven’t heard the news yet, golf legend Phil Mickelson  and basketball great LeBron James have both adopted the paleo diet!  


I was watching a golf tournament with my wife, who is an avid golfer, the other day.  She had told me that Phil Mickelson had gone on the paleo diet, and sure enough, the announcers of the tournament were talking about it.


“It’s a cave man diet!”  said the one announcer.


“The what?  What does that mean?” asked the other.


“You know- you only eat what you can kill- like a caveman...”


And so they went, totally clueless as to what a true paleo type of ancestral diet really is!  I’ll read a brief article about it that was on the internet- hopefully you golf announcers are listening in, and will learn the basics here:


Phil Mickelson And LeBron James Score Weight Loss With Paleo Low-Carb Diets [Video]



Experts traditionally advise athletes to load up on carbohydrates, while those who want to achieve their weight loss goals are given low-fat diets. But in a nutritional sea change, more diet experts are recommending various types of low-carb diets, from Paleo plans to ketogenic high fat diets such as the Atkins weight loss program. And when 44-year-old golfer Phil Mickelson decided to make his comeback after slipping from fourth to eleventh, he chose a Paleo diet for weight loss success, according to Business Insider.


Phil’s trainer, Sean Cochran, was blunt about why his client is working so hard to shed pounds.

“Let’s be honest, he did not have his best year last year. I know what he’s capable of. I know he wants a successful year.”

And to achieve that success, Mickelson has chosen a Paleo diet, said his trainer. The food plan includes protein, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. He avoids dairy, starchy carbohydrates such as grains, and any type of processed food products. That means breakfast can include eggs and mushrooms, but toast is off the table.

It’s the same low-carb diet used by LeBron James, who told Sports Illustrated that he followed the Paleo diet guidelines carefully in an effort to improve his game, as shown below.




Although James initially planned to follow the diet for a month, he felt so good after 30 days that he kept going.

“I had no sugars, no dairy, I had no carbs. All I ate was meat, fish, veggies and fruit. That’s it. For 67 straight days.”

LeBron was so proud of his weight loss that he posted a photo of his newly slim body via Instagram with a philosophical caption.



LeBron James flaunts weight loss success on Paleo low-carb diet.

“Throughout adversity, trials and tribulations. When you think you’re alone know your shadow will stand tall and always have your back! #OverComeItAll #StriveForGreatness.”

James and Mickelson aren’t the only famous folks who have turned to Paleo and low-carb diets for weight loss and health, as the Inquisitr reported. Both Anne Hathaway and former President Bill Clinton followed vegan diets for years.

But when Anne was filming Interstellar, she felt constantly fatigued and literally fed up with endless plates of garbanzo beans and tofu. She decided to experiment with a low-carb diet high in animal protein, and felt a surge in energy overnight. Now she’s firmly entrenched in the ex-vegan camp.

Clinton’s physician, Mark Hyman, was the one who persuaded him to veto vegan meals and boost the protein in his diet with foods such as grass-fed beef and wild salmon.

“It’s hard being a vegan to eat enough good, quality protein and not have too much starch. I know a lot of fat vegans,” said Dr. Hyman.


Now, I have to say that this is good news for all of us!  Not only will Phil and LeBron enhance their own careers and, more importantly, their health- but they also, as celebrities, will be in a position to influence many, many others into considering changing their own diets to that of the Paleo type, and eliminate the loads of junk that has cluttered up Americans’ diet and health for far too long.  We need celebrities to influence the masses.



And so, there you go!  Don’t go the other, wrong way and wind up a fat, sick vegan- be a lean, healthy paleo person!  It’s just the application of the most current science, but even more, the paleo diet is just common sense.


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