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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #103 The 360- Generate your OWN Resistance, do NOT use heavy weights on anything!

Today I want to introduce you to an exercise that you probably have never heard of, but is probably one of the most productive and beneficial exercises ever.  The 360 exercise, so called because you do it in a 360 degree circle around your body, going one way, and then the other.  I saw it on the exercise and fitness site, and it was demonstrated using a product of their, the steel bell.  They also do it with a large metal mace, but you can use anything, even a rock, or a fixed dumbbell or kettlebell, or even a big book! 

I did it today for the first time, and was blown away by what I was feeling in my abs, and in fact in my entire core!  It even targets more directly than any other movement the hard-to-hit obliques on the side of the waist.  One wonderful side effect of the 360 is that not only does it not injure and strain the shoulder joints, it actually seems restorative, aiding in range of motion and smooth and pain free joint function.

You probably know of my opinion of heavy weight training, and how ultimately damaging that inevitably is for every joint in your body!  If you must use weights, use very light weights, and make them feel heavy by moving slowly, and actually flexing the muscle as you go, using your mind to increase the resistance.  Never just heave or throw the weight up!  And I’m talking about bench presses, squats, deadlifts, rows, curls- you name it, do not lift heavy weights, even if you can.  Keep it light!  Make the resistance internally generated; “put on the brakes” when you lift internally.  Weights, ultimately, are just props to help you isometrically contract the muscles maximally in each movement you do!

To do the 360, just take your object (I started with  a fixed 15 lb dumb bell), and swing it around from behind your head, down and around from the right shoulder to your waist and then past your left shoulder, then repeat.  Shoot for doing this for 50 times, ultimately!  Start light, and generate your own resistance as you rather quickly yet deliberately swing the weight around and around your head. 

Then, do an equal number of reps the other way! 

Trust me, this pretty much wipes out your whole upper body and core, and is more aerobic/cardio than just about anything under the sun.  I will include the link to the onnit site here in the show notes: and also at  It’s always easier to see something actually done, rather than just hear it described in words!

So, get ONNIT! 

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

PQTD Separating FAT from fiction!

OK, admittedly I stole this title from the upcoming summit with Maria Shriver and Mark Hyman…

If you are interested here is the link to their multi-day summit:

There are lots of paleo types involved- I noticed, with a quick glance at all of the photos, not only those two I already mentioned, but Dr. Axe, Chis Kresser, David Perlmutter, and many others who know whereof they speak on the bill.

I’m sure you could not go wrong listening to the summit!  You will possibly learn a lot.  But I will give you here a little list that, I’m sure, will sum up what they say in a nutshell, and save you listening for hours and hours…

But, if you have not already been “indoctrinated” into the paleo or ancestral lifestyle, you may need to be re-grainwashed, as I like to say, and sit through those hours to gradually come to the truth!  But, if (like me), you just want the Cliff’s Notes version, here is what I know will be covered:

Saturated fat, in spite of what you’ve been indoctrinated with for perhaps your entire life, is not bad for you!

In fact, it is wonderfully nutritious and helpful in losing fat, providing you with vital nutrients, and keeping you satisfied so you don’t overindulge in the true demons- SUGAR AND PROCESSED CARBS.


Things like Butter, Lard, Coconut oil, and Fatty Fish are incredibly healthy!

They are also the stuff that will satisfy your nutrient needs, and keep you thin and sane! (They are also, as I’m sure David Perlmutter will tell you in the summit, really, really good for your brain!)…

Grain will destroy your brain! 

On the same topic: grains, in addition to be loaded with anti-nutrients like gluten and gliadin (which destroy your gut lining and make you prone to auto-immune disease), will stimulate your appetite (making you want to eat more empty processed foods and get fatter and fatter).  In addition these grains will make you prone to mental problems like dementia, bi-polar, and all the other diseases of the brain- not only by increasing the the glycemic response (blood sugar raising) of the sugars they contain, but also by stimulating the crossing of the blood/brain barrier of these anti-nutrients and insulin-ogenic sugars, that will lay you low over time by gradually destroying your mind.

And so, I hate to be simplistic, but if you want it all laid out in a PALEO QUICK TIP OF THE DAY, Cliff’s Notes type of format, here it is, bottom line:

Don’t Eat Grains!  Especially wheat, which includes nearly all processed foods.

Eat Fat- don’t be afraid!  Saturated Fat!  No vegetable oils, they are on the same level as grains…

Just make sure they are from pastured animals.  This means beef that lives on grass, not corn! (Cows never evolved to eat corn!) 

Chickens that eat as they evolved to eat: grass, grains, bugs, worms- the key word is free range! Let ‘em go- they know what they need to eat!!  They need to “be chickens”- not confined in a cage being- well, being tortured food animals!


Eat a LOT of green vegetables, every day! 

Actually, I don’t know if they’ll cover this in the summit, but it is key to health, nevertheless.  They all know it, and do it I’m sure, but just to reiterate in case they don’t: Make a Paleo Green Smoothie (in a high powered blender) each and every day for maximum health and wellness!


Move around a LOT, each and every day of your life!

I don’t mean you have to go to a Cross Fit gym, and do WODS all the time- in fact, I would counsel you NOT TO DO THAT!  I mean that, it is essential to do exercise daily, not anything necessarily super-hard, like heavy weight lifting (don’t!), or lots of cardio to “burn calories and for heart health” (DON’T), or long sessions of jogging or aerobics or spinning or (fill in the blanks)- DON’T!


You just need to be a good member of the “tribe”- the human condition of those that are all about you.  You can prepare yourself to be a good human by-


Each morning, get up and do Perfectly Paleo Exercise!

  This means Virtual Resistance (where the muscles exercise naturally against themselves, by flexing and moving).

It means doing pushups, straight-legged sit ups, and simple stretches, sitting on the floor!

And it means walking- not long and difficult sessions- just parking at the back of the parking lot types of things; walking a little further than right in front of the store, and shuffling 20 feet in and then back…


And it also means “doing for yourself” as much as you can!

Cut your own wood!  What I mean is- if you are physically able to do anything for yourself, no matter how well off you are financially- do it for yourself!  And if you can help out your other “tribes-members”, meaning the folks in your neighborhood and family, well do it!


This is the kind of movement, and social fellowship that will not only give you strength on this earth, and mental health-

It assures that you are doing what God and Nature meant for us all to do- CARE FOR THE TRIBE!







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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #101 New book, New blender!

Hello my paleolithic friends!  I just want to let you all know that I have released a new book- the name of which is that of my web site- PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe!   Right now it is in ebook format only, but in a week or two it will be out in paperback. 

Here is the link: paleojay's smoothie cafe- the book!

It’s a big honker, clocking in at almost 300 pages, but it is loaded (at least the ebook version) with loads and loads of photos, and I believe is an easy and fast read, with loads and loads of information.  As usual with me, I’m afraid that I do not go along hook-line-and-sinker with the paleo mainstream… I generally agree, but have some strong dissenting opinions with the standard paleo shtick.  So, you will either love this book, or not love this book; but you will definitely be exposed to new information that (hopefully!) will make you think!  And, more importantly, to ACT on your health and wellness!


Of course, I think a green, Paleo smoothie should be the lynchpin of your nutrition on a daily, or near daily basis.  Accordingly, there is a LOT of information on the whys and hows of smoothie making, and my own recipe for the “Perfect Paleo Smoothie” is included! There are LOADS of exercise information, and of course all the big items are covered, including sleep, flexibility, walking (including heavy hands!), medicine and doctors, flexibility, and what you should eat and drink, and what you should NOT! 


There are chapters about skin and dental health, essential oils, and even alcohol and paleolithic philosophy! 


I guarantee you will find something new to think about, and some things you will want to add in to your own paleo prescription.  Here is my intro to the book, which is actually a good summation of what you will find inside:


Perhaps you wonder- why another book about the Paleo diet? Haven’t there been many books released, especially in the past couple of years that are supposedly the same thing, albeit maybe a little “different color” in a few aspects?


Yes, and yes.


The difference between those and what you now hold in our hands is that this is a guide that brings it all together, with diet, lifestyle, and exercise- and all in a very accessible and useable manner!


The green smoothie as a foundational aspect of the Paleo diet has not been a popular idea within the movement, until very recently. It is KEY to achieving the maximum results in nutrition, especially in this modern age of nutrient depleted soils, and incredibly busy lives with less free time than ever.


This is why I call it a Paleo Green Smoothie- since over time I have researched and tried this and added that, until I have come up with a pretty much perfect nutritional powerhouse.


Add it to your regimen, along with all else that I recommend here at PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe, and I predict a very healthy, slim and defined, strong and vital YOU!


Welcome to the Cafe!


OH- one thing more. I think that today is the LAST day that this book is being offered as a FREE DOWNLOAD!  If you do get on board with the free download, I only ask that you give me a review on  (that is where the book is being offered).  Thanks, my paleo pal!



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