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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #82 Go Paleo NOW, not later!

pqtd 82 Go paleo NOW, before you’re sick!


I really hope you listen to me on this podcast!  Well, actually, I always hope you’ll listen to me, but this one is rather crucial.  


It is an all-too-common scenario:


Someone gets sick!  I mean really, auto-immune disease, cancer or heart disease, diabetes or another Paleo diet preventable disease sick...


THEN they come around, in desperation, eventually and after lots of searching and research and usually after trying out the drugs and surgeries that conventional medicine offers for their disease (or diseases).


While late is better than never to discover the paleo type of ancestral diet and all the health benefits and just better way of life that it offers; well, once you already are sick, it might not be enough!


Let me put it this way- once you have put in decade upon decade of bad eating and living habits, like not getting enough sleep, being overstressed on a regular basis, not maintaining your “tribe” of good friends and family, church fellow members, and others you are “connected” with, and neglecting to exercise naturally and getting out into nature and the sunshine....


That is one deep hole to dig out of!  Your body will undoubtedly be wracked with inflammation, have a really poor gut microbe set, and will in many ways be the equivalent of a car that has been run at high speeds, with low, dirty oil, and without proper maintenance.  It is prone to one or more serious, life-altering diseases to emerge at any time!


Let me offer a solution!  Start following the Paleo Prescription as soon as possible!  The earlier you adopt it, the less damage you will do to your precious body (and mind!). That’s another thing: the mind is every bit as susceptible to a bad SAD Standard American Diet of processed crap foods as the body.  Can you say Alzheimer’s? 


Look up the particulars of the Paleo Diet!  The internet is good has lots of information, but so does,, and Loren Cordain on  


There are also great books on the subject: The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf is great, and my own Perfectly Paleo Exercise ebook is very accessible- there are others.  Oh yes, Neanderthin by Ray Audette was published in 1999, making it ancient by Paleo standards, but it is spot on still!  And for the grand daddy of them all, there is always Weston A. Price’s 1939 book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, which is pretty much pure genius- there is still a widely active Weston A Price foundation throughout the world, celebrating what he discovered way back then!  


So, there is no dearth of information, far from it.  Just get started on the basics, which pretty much all practitioners agree on:


Eliminate processed foods- fast foods, fake foods like vegetable oils and margarine, modern grains like wheat, baked goods and cereals, and most sugar.


Eat LOTS of green veggies, cruciferous veggies, some berries, spices, fermented foods- in other words, just eat real foods!


Start to lead the healthiest, most satisfying life there is; the life God and nature intended for us, the one we evolved to thrive in- 


The Ancestral, Paleo type of diet, exercise, tribal connection, and living as naturally in the world as we possibly can in this modern age.


Anything else is not just an invitation to disease and “physical degeneration” as Weston A. Price is really a recipe for a sad life in general!


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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #81 Do NOT be Resistant to Starch!

pqtd 81  Do not be resistant to starch


The Paleo, low carb diet- this is what it started out to be.  


But, the great thing about the paleo diet, and how it has evolved, is that it is largely completely open to new science, and will adapt!  


Unlike conventional diet advice, or those of vegetarians, vegans, and other hardcore “cultists”, as I see them.  And so, of course, this puts standard medical advice, like low fat, low calorie, food pyramid, USDA type of advice in the CULT camp!


Which it is, since they keep on keepin’ on with what they’ve been saying for 50 plus years, despite all evidence to the contrary!  


Not to intentionally inject politics into this, but it’s like saying that Obamacare has been a great success, over and over, in spite of all of the overwhelming evidence that proves it has NOT been a success in any way, shape, or form!  It failed, it is failing, and it will continue to fail!  Sorry, but the truth is the truth.


Just as conventional medical advice has failed, is failing, and will continue failing, since it is based on proven errors, that can be documented scientifically, over and over.  Sorry, old MD’s that don’t like it, but you bought into a lie- it’s time to acknowledge it at last...


But, onto my point- as I said, the original point of the paleo diet was that we were (and are) vastly overfed on processed carbs in the modern diet!


And this was, and is, very true!!


But then, the die-hard believers went too far (as earlier did the low-fat proselytizers) and recommended eliminating carbs as much as possible. 


This turned out to be a mistake.  Although the ketogenic diet can be very therapeutic for certain medical conditions, such as Epilepsy and even Parkinson’s, it can become harmful if followed exclusively long term!


Why?  Our microbiome, the tiny microbes or “bugs” that live within us, particularly in our guts...they actually comprise about 80% of our total volume of cells in total!  We are less “us” than we are “them”, to be honest.  And without them in synchrony, in harmony, and well-nourished and thriving:


WE will not be thriving!  Our gut micro-biome is that important!!


So- we want to be healthy, we want our guts to be healthy so we will be healthy- what should we do??


We need to eat carbs- NOT processed carbs like in the SAD Standard American Diet, but in green leafy vegetables, leeks and onions are particularly rich in pre-biotic starch, sweet potatoes, and some white potato is good as well!  


In other words, we need to feed our little “gut buddies”- our “PETS” if you will!  And then, they will feed US, by digesting these (to us) undigestible fragments, and then protecting us from bad microbial invaders!  


The bad microbes tend to be fed ideally (for them) by the processed, fast food type carbs that everyone should try to avoid at all costs.  Things like grains, sugars, Taco Bell- you get the idea.  Bad microbes prefer bad food. Good, beneficial, Ben Carson types of microbes prefer real food.


The star food you probably don’t know about, just as you didn’t probably know about Ben Carson a few weeks ago??  


DRUMROLL!.......           POTATO STARCH!!


Really!  Bob’s Red Mill has a widely available brand that you can get almost anywhere- it is a powder made from the potato, but it is in an undigestible form for us humans, unless it is heated and cooked. That’s why it is made- as a thickener for soups and gravies and such...




I really really, really want you to eat it, but raw, so your good, wonderful, gut buddies can eat it and prosper, to help you live long and prosper!


“But Jay, Jay- how can I do that PaleoJay!!??”  I hear you querying.


“A Green Paleo Smoothie!” I respond in the deep voice of Zeus.


Really- sorry for the hyperbole (that’s just me), but a green smoothie, whipped up in a Vitamix, is just loaded with prebiotics that according to the most recent research are the most potent form of health production you can find!  


So, just do it.  Get a Vitamix- click on the link at www. to get one without shipping charges- they are expensive enough without that!  Then, make yourself a daily, Paleo Green Smoothie (the recipe is also available at and in Perfectly Paleo Exercise the ebook and Paleo Quick Start, all available anywhere ebooks are sold); but it is also free on the website itself.


Soon, I will release a real honest to God real book with all of this in it, but until that halcyon day, just start making smoothies, low on fruit high on veggies and spices and fats, cut the processed crap, and eat real foods!




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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #80 Coffee is an Essential Oil

pqtd 80 coffee is an essential oil


I know, this sounds crazy!  But then again, don’t most of my ideas?  (Don’t answer that).


But truly: I get so tired over the years of criticisms of coffee!  I think this is like criticisms of anything that people enjoy- it must be bad, right?  Well, in this case, wrong!  To the contrary, in our modern, neolithic, grain and sugar based diet, coffee is for most people the major source of antioxidants in their diet.  This is kind of a shocker, but nonetheless very true.  After all, for normal, non paleo kinds of folks, who only get green veggies and colorful berries once in a blue moon, who subsist on fast food hamburgers, pizza, and french fries- coffee is IT- their only antioxidant!  Sad but is a quote-


Coffee is a rich source of disease-fighting antioxidants. And studies have shown that it may reduce cavities, boost athletic performance, improve moods, and stop headaches -- not to mention reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, liver cancer, gall stones, cirrhosis of the liver, and Parkinson's diseases!


After you start to look into it, it is kind of startling all of the great benefits of what has been painted as evil for so long- but, then again, consider how FAT and red meat has likewise been equated with evil for so long, and also how grains and sugar have been given a complete angelic halo by the mainstream medical establishment- 


Well, now it starts to make sense, doesn’t it?


Big Government agencies and mainstream medicine misled us about grains and sugar, fat and red meat for so long, why shouldn’t we also be suspicious of their other “advice”!!??


Like coffee being bad for us.  It’s not, it never has been, and is actually quite beneficial in many ways.  


How you brew it can make a difference, however- along with what you put in it!  Here is what I do:


I make my coffee with an Aerobie Press!  It is a plunger type of apparatus, and costs about $20 or so.  I heat the water in an electric carafe or tea kettle, and pour it in my press, which fits into individual cups.  Then, I just press it through one cup, then another, and then another!  (Two for me, one for my loving, appreciative wife!)


Just get a good, organic coffee, and you are good to go!  The rumours about “mold” in coffee are unfounded, unless you get cheap, supermarket type of generic coffees.... they are not a good choice, either for flavor or health!  Get a good organic (I like French Roast), and grind it yourself for maximum flavor.


Now comes the best part- adding flavor (and additional healthiness!) to your coffee.


I always add about a teaspoon of good coconut oil to each cup.  This adds in a really healthy fat, that will fill you up, and also load you up with medium chain fatty acids, that are the most digestible, beneficial, and anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory type of food you can consume!  




Coconut oil is the best fat your can consume, and probably the best FOOD you can consume!  Start each and every day with it, in your coffee, and you are halfway to health!!


Add in whipped or just plain full fat cream, cinnamon and cloves, perhaps some cacao powder as I do...


Then, open one of your 16 oz. Ball jars of Paleo Green Smoothie, loaded with veggies and berries and kefir and cod liver oil and.... well, look it up at perfectly paleo smoothie ingredients.  


You now have breakfast, a wonderful coffee beverage to comfort you as you work out in front of the television with Perfectly Paleo Exercise, and an assurance that, not only are you starting your day in the healthiest way possible, but you won’t be hungry for many hours!  


You can easily make good food choices when you are not starving, but just interested in maximizing nutrition.


As they say, “Once begun, half done”!


So start your day in the perfectly paleo way, with coffee!!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #70 !960's Paleo

pqtd 79 1960’s Fitness and Health


Sometimes, especially during the past 50-60 years or so, progress in fitness and health has been downhill.  Actually, if you think about it, not only in fitness and health, but in many things.


I was 10 years old, back in 1962 when John F. Kennedy introduced the President’s Physical Fitness challenge.  Our grade school gym program too the program to heart- we did pushups, sit ups and pull ups.  We climbed rope ladders!  We all walked, or rode our bikes to neighborhood schools!  In face, I had a friend named John Brundidge (you out there John?) who was really athletic, and he convinced me that we should “run a block, walk a block” to school, and anywhere else we traveled.  It was FUN, and we get really, really fit!


To this day, I really can’t imaging a better lifelong strategy for fitness, given any age- walk a block, run a block!  Do plenty of pushups, sit ups and pull ups!  Throw in even MORE bodyweight exercises, but just move a lot on a daily basis.  


How many kids (or adults either for that matter) that seem to approach a physical ideal, such as that put forth by the ancient Greeks, which were the pinnacle of our civilization then, and still are today in terms of culture and achievement?  Almost none- almost all adults are passionate about spectator sports... which are a bunch of underworked people desperately in need of exercise, watching a group of highly paid professionals...

who are desperately in need of rest!


The heck with spectator sports for the most part- play them yourselves!


We are so proud of our technology, which is a wonderful achievement- but not at the cost of our health, and our physical well-being!   And making lots of money seems to be paramount nowadays... but at the cost of our health???  A bargain with Satan indeed!


I was very fit, all throughout grade school and high school- most of my fellows were.  There were always one or two fat kids in our class...actually quite rare specimens back then.


Nowadays, look at any group of adolescents- try to find more than one or two who are fit, wiry, and healthy looking!  Good luck, they aren’t there anymore.  The norm is fat, pre-diabetic, autistic, and otherwise sick looking.


What happened?  


Well, my sideways turn happened in the early 1970’s, when a friend led me into weight lifting!


“You are too skinny!” he would say.  “Lift heavy with me at the YMCA, and bulk up!!”


I did, and it was a huge mistake, overall.  I got big alright- a big butt (from heavy squats and deadlifts), a too bulky chest and injured shoulders and elbows (from heavy bench presses and curls and presses).  It took me years, I finally ditched the weights- but I got back on track- pushups, pull ups, sit ups, and running fast, then walking, then running again!  


I eventually added in many other “tools” of fitness that have been largely forgotten- virtual resistance being chief among them, but also isometrics, and other tools that had been forgotten that I have since listed in my eBook Perfectly Paleo Exercise, and on my blog,  


In the process, I went “back to the future” and healed my injured joints, redesigned my physique into a symmetrical, classical Greek appearance, and rejuvenated my total health!  


But I have always been obsessed with health and fitness.  I admit it.  I know others who were as well, and went down the also misguided long distance/aerobics/cardio Kenneth Cooper myth.  Those who did also wound up with ruined joints, but instead of being bulked up in all the wrong places, they were wasted skeletons, skinny-fat people who ran for hours, day after day, and gained less than nothing!


As for diet?  In the early 1960’s, everyone ate a high fat, all natural (non GMO), pretty low sugar diet with plenty of vegetables, pastured animal protein, butter, and dairy full fats.  They ate grains, but all natural, ancient grain variety; and they ran around like crazy, since they had high energy, there were no video screens to distract them, and all of their friends were doing the same!  


When the Mc Govern commission on health arrived in the early 1970’s, spurred on by the erroneous findings of Ancel Keye’s that pinpointed dietary fat to be the worst thing ever, due to his falsified, cherry-picked data from a deeply flawed study...


The study recommended that Americans start eating a fake foods diet, with vegetable oils and grains and sugars as the foundation!  (Not their exact words, but that is the result).  And they got the many Government agencies on board- the FDA, the ADA, and all other various agencies that determine the recommendations as to what we all should eat.  


They came up with recommendations.  A food pyramid, founded in grains and sugars.  (Now My Plate; same difference)


“Move more, eat less”  (This is the Ken Cooper nonsense, over again)


And they gave huge incentives to grain farmers, to overproduce GRAINS, which are insulinogenic (meaning they cause us to gain fat, and overproduce insulin, making us diabetic).  And so, farmers are incentivized to produce massive amounts of grains that are making us sick, and eliminating small family farms that grow healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, and pastured dairy and meat products.


And now, we have a fat, diabetic, and sick population that is the unhealthiest in the world.  But, what is even worse is that we are starting to export it worldwide via our processed, crap, nightmare foods!  


We are also exporting our sedentary, consumer lifestyle as well...


What to do?  

Go back to the 1960’s!  Back before big, Federal government began telling us what to do- back when we listened to our forebears, our grandparents and great grandparents, to the founding fathers of America, and to the ancient Greek and Roman cultures upon which our nation is based!  


Make no mistake- we are living in dark times indeed.  The Paleo Diet is a wonderful revelation, a light in the darkness!  But Paleo is really nothing more than a 1960’s diet- really!!  


Just Eat Real Foods- and exercise NATURALLY!  


It really is just that simple.






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