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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast #7- Meditation for the Paleo Lifestyle

This is podcast #7 in this series of gradually transforming yourself into a healthy, paleo lifestyle type of a person, step by step, and week by week.

We started by eliminating grains, in particular wheat, completely from our diet in week #1.
In week #2, we still kept away from grains, of course, and added in a full 8 hours sleep per night, at a minimum.  Next, we added in 15- 20 minutes of visualized resistance exercise daily, and for #4 we added in a daily green paleo smoothie.

On week #5 we eliminated pure junk foods like soda pop, candy, pastries, cookies and cakes.  And in week #6 we sought to find a good source of pastured, grass fed and finished beef, naturally raised pigs and chickens, and free range eggs.

You'll notice the pattern that, each time  ask you to eliminate something, I balance that out by adding in something positive.  This week on #7 I am again adding in something, something vital and enjoyable, but something that is not widely done- meditation!

Meditation is something that helps to ground you, make you "live in the moment", something that we should always be doing, but that is very, very hard to do consistently!  By practicing a simple form of meditation, we can reinforce this way of living in the moment throughout our daily lives.  It's not easy, but the rewards are great indeed.

Start in the early morning, as you awaken in bed.  Start breathing in deeply, into your diaphragm below your belly, and strive to get in as much air as possible.  Breathe in slowly, and very deeply- saying to yourself as you do "1-1-1", thinking only of the number 1.  Take in as much air as you can- once your diaphragm is full, start filling up your chest, until your whole lung cavity is full of life-giving oxygen!

Then, gradually exhale, letting the air slowly go out of your lungs, and only thinking of "1-1-1-" again...

Then, repeat the cycle, never letting random thoughts to come into your mind- if they do, and they certainly will, especially at first, just gently push them aside and think calmly "1-1-1-"  over and over again.  The idea is to live entirely in the moment, just you lying comfortably, with your breathing your only concern.

This type of breathing, where you totally fill up and consciously use your lungs is called costal breathing, and is a very ancient way of breathing that energizes, and revitalizes the body.  In conjunction with concentrating on living in the moment, with no "monkey mind" or left side of the brain chatter going on, this exercise will revitalize you, and gradually awaken you in a wonderful way, leaving you ready to start your day alive, not groggy, and actually is a wonderful ab exercise in and of itself!

5-10 minutes of this in the morning is plenty.  I have done this for many years, and it is key to starting your day fresh and vital, and with a deep sense of gratitude and grounding.  It is very much like prayer, in that you are opening yourself up to God and nature.  Try it, and along with all of the much more down-to-earth types of more practical recommendations that we have made, like eliminating gluten, exercising, eliminating junk food-like substances, and consuming top quality, locally raised meats and a daily green paleo smoothie, and getting adequate sleep each night, you will begin to markedly improve the quality of your life, and the interrelations you have with other people in your "Tribe"!

Later in the day, try to find time for another 5-10 minutes, and do the same- this time seated in an armchair, or even on your car seat!  Do the same thing, seated, and observe how revitalized you become by doing this one discipline for a brief time.

I know, this might seem a little "out there" for some of you, who probably have never even thought of trying that crazy meditation...  but trust me!  Like many things that our modern culture has thrown in the dustbin, this is one other thing that we should have never lost, but now, thankfully, can regain.

Meditate on it, here with Alan Watts!  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #6- Get Your Food Locally!

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #6- Get Your Food Locally!

I don’t mean just from a local store- I mean locally raised! I am talking meat here, primarily, since not only is meat, and the fat on that meat a major source of toxins in the Standard American Diet, it is also key to supplying our bodies with the nutrients and other “building blocks” that are so crucial to maintaining and rebuilding our health!

Grass fed beef is a wonderful source of everything your body needs, with nothing of the hormones and antibiotics that are laced throughout conventional, CAFO or confined animal feeding operations beef. We want to consume healthy animals, that have been fed as God and Nature intended these animals to eat. Not only for the improved nutrition and non-toxic food that they provide; but also for obviously moral and ethical reasons. They go together! By eating abused, unhealthy animals, we are also abusing our own bodies and making them unhealthy.

And I’m not just talking about beef here, although grass fed beef is as healthy as wild caught salmon! It’s loaded with the Omega 3 fats that are so crucial to our health- those same fats that are virtually nonexistent in corn fed, sick and diseased animals. But pastured pork, free range chickens that are allowed their natural lives to play out eating what God intended them to eat, are very healthy animals that will make you very healthy in your turn! What goes around, comes around...

Chickens are not vegetarians, neither are pigs; and, for that matter- neither are we! This isn’t just my opinion- we have teeth designed for tearing meat, and a shorter digestive tract similar to other carnivores... We are also omnivores, and can eat a wide variety of foods, of which meat is a staple to every culture, ever studied or discovered, in the history of the world. No exceptions.

And so, how do you go about getting this wonderful, God made food, natural pastured meat and locally raised veggies and dairy into your paleo life? is a site where you can check out local farmers and ranchers that provide excellent, humanely raised meat within their area. I use St. Brigid’s Meadows, and wonderful small operation that delivers in my own local area of La Crosse, Wisconsin. But, if you don’t live here, you can use to find local farmers in your neck of the woods!

There is also the option of US Wellness Meats, which is the homesite of... US Wellness Meats. I have heard good things about them- the only thing is, to make it worthwhile and affordable you do have to order quite a bit at a time! No problem if you have a freezer, though.

The local option is the best, and the most sustainable long term. Also, it is the most satisfying, since you interact with, and can view personally the treatment and conditions of the animals that this farmer provides for you! We are stewards of these animals, each and every one of us, and it behooves us to get back into the loop, since industrialization of our food system is not only poisoning our bodies, it is poisoning our very souls. We all need to vote with our food buying dollars for local, humane, sustainable farming and ranching!

Check out this episode!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #5- Just eliminate the JUNK- (and have some dark chocolate, every day!)

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #5  Now, just eliminate the JUNK!

This week, let’s focus on eliminating all of the junk you have been eating and drinking, and really dial in our burgeoning Paleolithic Health!  And let’s start with a really pernicious and horrible habit- soda pop, especially DIET soda!

I know, I told you to give up wheat, soy, and most grains the first week, but remember- in week number #2, the second Paleo Quick Tips podcast I added in a good night’s sleep!  Then, in number 3 I added in some simple, rejuvenative exercise for your enjoyment, and in #4 we added in a wonderful, filling, super-nutritious Paleo Green smoothie!  So, I don’t always want to “take away” things...

But, if you want to avoid some nasty problems in your health and fitness, there are some things you MUST eliminate!  And my number one HATE in this category is SODA POP!  Coke, Mt. Dew, Pepsi, even my once-beloved root beer- they all have to go!  ESPCIALLY the DIET versions!!  Why diet pop especially?

Partly, it’s because most people feel they are harmless- no sugar, so no calories, right?  Utterly benign... NOPE!  Those chemical, fake sweeteners are insidious, and have really bad side effects, like:

Kidney damage
weight, read FAT gain, particularly BELLY FAT!
rotting teeth

Another problem is that it displaces really healthy beverages, like water, green or white tea, and especially a wonderful green paleo smoothie!  It pains me to see folks drinking pop in the mornings, along with a candy bar or pastry- if there was a better prescription for feeling horrible an hour or two later, and setting yourself up for an unpleasant day, I don’t know one.  Just the dental problems caused by such a combination are awful...

And as for sugar, or high fructose corn syrup sweetened colas and sodas- they are just as bad, but in different ways!  High fructose corn syrup is linked to diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome, which is the precurser to all modern, degenerative illness.  In addition, sugar is the fertilizer of cancer. It has been shown in recent studies that by going on a ketogenic diet, which is a diet without ANY sugar or carbohydrates, that cancer cells in patients are actually starved!  Also, many autoimmune diseases are also reversed by using a ketogenic diet...

SO- your task for this week, now that you are grain free (remember grains turn to sugar right in your mouth anyway!), well rested by sleeping at least 8 hours per night, exercised each morning by your 15-20 minutes of Perfectly Paleo exercise of visualized resistance in front of the television, and then fueled for maximum nutrition by way of your Green, Paleo Smoothie- IS TO JUST CUT THE JUNK!

Really do it!  It should be easy, now that you are feeling so great from the other steps you’ve already implemented.  When you are thirsty, fine- DRINK!  But drink...water, or green tea, or green smoothie you have handy from the morning- NO POP!

And, it goes without saying (I hope!) that this means other forms of sweeteners need to go as well- candy bars, chips (yes, they are just as guilty of becoming sugar right in your mouth as any other grains!), hard candy- you get the gist!

But, as another addition that you are going to love-


Yup, I really mean it.

Dark chocolate, I mean at least 70% dark, is loaded with antioxidants, just like your paleo smoothie!  It helps slow aging, and prevent cancer!! It is loaded with vitamins and minerals, like potassium, copper, magnesium, and iron, and also has theobromine, which actually hardens tooth enamel!  Dark chocolate lowers blood sugar, and causes your brain to release endorphins to make you feel happier, just like exercise does.
AND, it helps to increase insulin sensitivity, to keep you naturally thin, and non-diabetic!!

Oh, and did I mention, it really tastes great, too?

So, when everyone around you is eating candy, and drinking soda, nibble on your dark chocolate and sip your smoothie, and smile slyly- You’re not only getting healthy, but you’re having something  really tasty- much better than what they have!!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #4 A Green, Paleo Smoothie is VITAL!

Now, last Wednesday’s podcast was pretty controversial in Paleo-land, since the safety and efficiency of Virtual Exercise, or Visualized Resistance Exercise has somehow become forgotten, although it is older than recorded history in its successful useage!
A daily, green Paleo Smoothie, chock full of every single nutrient recommended by paleo gurus and researchers should be a no-brainer - I mean, c’mon- every thing that the latest science and history and even folk-lore tells us that we should be eating, and here it is in one tasty, liquid, and easily digested package- it’s even pre-chewed by the blender, and is made almost instantly by just throwing real foods, either frozen or fresh, into the canister and then flicking the “on” switch...
I mean, what’s not to like about that?
Well, there are some who really love to hate the idea of any “liquid calories” being good!  That may be true when we are talking about soft drinks, or juice products, or even straight ahead juicing, that is making juice NOT in a blender, but in a dedicated juicer that eliminates the fiber... But not in a high-powered blender, like a Vitamix!
ALL of the fiber, the pulp, and the phytonutrients are ALL included in a Blended Smoothie- and it is so ground up, or “pre-chewed” if you will, that ALL of the nutrients are instantly available for your body to USE.  There is no waste- even “woody” leafy greens from your garden in Summer or from the market are fine to use- the Vitamix blender will render them entirely into the smoothie, very “smoothly” indeed!
I have a Paleo Smoothie recipe on my website at, and that is where I recommend you go to keep up with my ever-growing knowledge about just what should go into your daily miracle drink! I also have a link to purchase a new Vitamix, even a reconditioned one, with free shipping!  A note on that: often, people try to get a cheaper blender, and that’s fine... but that route, while it may suffice as an introduction, is vastly inferior to getting a good machine, that will probably keep you healthy and well-fed for the rest of your life!  It really is a small investment- I use mine much more than I use my oven, which is far, far more expensive!
 New information is always being made available, new discoveries are made, and I make it my business to keep up with the science, and to
know just what can give your smoothie a little more power to cure, maintain, and to MAXIMIZE your health.
I think the core teaching of Hippocrates, the founder of Modern Medicine, is the one you’ve probably heard:
“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”
Hippocrates would not be pleased by what his supposed followers, the M.D.’s of today are doing instead of this!
So, go back to what the founder of Medicine recommended.
Eat Real Food!  And drink it, too!  It may be hard to eat a couple of pounds of veggies per day, as Terry Wahls, most Paleo Practitioners, and even vegans recommend...
But it’s really, really easy to drink it!

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