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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast #2- You are getting Sleepy...

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #2 -You are Getting Sleepy...

Today is step number 2 in “going paleo”, and it’s a real sleeper...
That’s right- step #1 last week we getting rid of grains, in particular wheat, since that is the most consumed, and most devastatingly altered from its original, biblical and pre-biblical state!  If you have kept off of grains for the past week, Congratulations!

By now you must be feeling some of the benefits, and are just starting to get over the “withdrawal” from this drug-like insidious bad food.  Stick with it- getting rid of the grains in your life is still priority #1- take it day by day, and eventually you won’t even think of eating grains, since you will realize just how they make you feel, and how they make you look and perform, both mentally and physically- you will realize that they are just-not-worth it to consume!!

So, keep it up, but this week your assignment, should you choose to accept it- Mission Impossible-style- is to...SLEEP!

Really- getting 7-9 hours per night of good, quality sleep is more than just restorative, both mentally and physically- it is magical!  The latest information on sleep research is that some areas of the brain are much MORE active during sleep than waking.   It appears that, during sleep, the brain actually cleanses itself of toxins, among other essentials.  Suffice it to say- sleep exists for an essential REASON, otherwise there is not way that mammals in the wild would go into what are essentially short comas, during which they are incredibly vulnerable!  Sleep must not only be important- it is essential and necessary, for animals and for US.

So, for week #2 of your paleolithic transformation, going “Back to the Future”, you should plan to get around 8 solid, satisfying, wonderful hours of sleep each and every night!  Don’t stay up late watching TV- and also download this free little piece of software for your computer-  The flux app will automatically dim your computer screen at night, and make it brighter in the mornings, thus attuning the light conditions of your machine to your own circadian sleep rhythms- it really helps you get to sleep at night, bottom line!

So, enjoy this week of ample sleep.  You will begin to feel so much better, and be so much more productive, during your waking hours- thanks to this ample sleep.  It really is second only to- banning wheat!

Have a great week, sleep well, and next Wednesday we’ll have another stepping stone in your Paleo Transformation- on Paleo Quick Tip of the Day!


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