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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #4 A Green, Paleo Smoothie is VITAL!

Now, last Wednesday’s podcast was pretty controversial in Paleo-land, since the safety and efficiency of Virtual Exercise, or Visualized Resistance Exercise has somehow become forgotten, although it is older than recorded history in its successful useage!
A daily, green Paleo Smoothie, chock full of every single nutrient recommended by paleo gurus and researchers should be a no-brainer - I mean, c’mon- every thing that the latest science and history and even folk-lore tells us that we should be eating, and here it is in one tasty, liquid, and easily digested package- it’s even pre-chewed by the blender, and is made almost instantly by just throwing real foods, either frozen or fresh, into the canister and then flicking the “on” switch...
I mean, what’s not to like about that?
Well, there are some who really love to hate the idea of any “liquid calories” being good!  That may be true when we are talking about soft drinks, or juice products, or even straight ahead juicing, that is making juice NOT in a blender, but in a dedicated juicer that eliminates the fiber... But not in a high-powered blender, like a Vitamix!
ALL of the fiber, the pulp, and the phytonutrients are ALL included in a Blended Smoothie- and it is so ground up, or “pre-chewed” if you will, that ALL of the nutrients are instantly available for your body to USE.  There is no waste- even “woody” leafy greens from your garden in Summer or from the market are fine to use- the Vitamix blender will render them entirely into the smoothie, very “smoothly” indeed!
I have a Paleo Smoothie recipe on my website at, and that is where I recommend you go to keep up with my ever-growing knowledge about just what should go into your daily miracle drink! I also have a link to purchase a new Vitamix, even a reconditioned one, with free shipping!  A note on that: often, people try to get a cheaper blender, and that’s fine... but that route, while it may suffice as an introduction, is vastly inferior to getting a good machine, that will probably keep you healthy and well-fed for the rest of your life!  It really is a small investment- I use mine much more than I use my oven, which is far, far more expensive!
 New information is always being made available, new discoveries are made, and I make it my business to keep up with the science, and to
know just what can give your smoothie a little more power to cure, maintain, and to MAXIMIZE your health.
I think the core teaching of Hippocrates, the founder of Modern Medicine, is the one you’ve probably heard:
“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”
Hippocrates would not be pleased by what his supposed followers, the M.D.’s of today are doing instead of this!
So, go back to what the founder of Medicine recommended.
Eat Real Food!  And drink it, too!  It may be hard to eat a couple of pounds of veggies per day, as Terry Wahls, most Paleo Practitioners, and even vegans recommend...
But it’s really, really easy to drink it!

Check out this episode!

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