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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day The ONE most Essential Oil

pqtd 79 The ONE Essential Oil you SHOULD be using


I know, I know- the whole idea of essential oils is confusing!


It’s like riding a crazy fun house ride- you don’t know why you need to add something else that most folks don’t know WHAT the heck it even IS into your life, and everyone you know already thinks you are kind of crazy since you don’t eat gluten or sugar, and avoid processed foods and fake oils like vegetable or industrial seed oils...


But trust me- I’m not going to inundate you with dozens of crazy oils you NEED to get for various obscure conditions, and send you into a labyrinth of figuring out just WHAT to do, why to do it, and how it is beneficial- NO!  




Get the one essential oil that is, indeed, essential- Frankincense oil!


This is the “Big Daddy” of essential oils, and if you use it on a somewhat regular basis, preferably in an electric diffuser while you are sleeping, you will be healthier, happier, less stressed, and let’s just say- a new and better YOU!


Remember, the three wise men gave it to Jesus as a babe, as the ultimate gift.  (I always wondered when young what the heck it was!) Probably you did too...


It is a from a tree bark of African and Arabian origins called Boswellia genustrees.  It has been revered for literally thousands of years, and so that alone tells you something- it has stood the test of time!  (Unlike modern statins, and other pharmaceutical drugs!)


It will do amazing things; but first, you need a diffuser!  (Sorry!)  But give thanks for technology, since that is what makes this essential oil, which was more valuable than GOLD in biblical times, such incredible effectiveness.  Here is the one I use: The Deneve Essential Oil Diffuser


I bought one awhile ago, and it stopped working... I emailed the company, and they IMMEDIATELY sent me a new one, no questions asked!


It’s on Amazon- you can go to my Amazon recommended products and order one easily.  Why not go RIGHT NOW??  Go ahead- support this free show which has become a MISSION to me- the Paleo Preacher!  I’ll wait...


OK, while you are there, be sure to also order some Frankincense Essential Oil- a real distilled oil, not a “fragrance” oil, which is FAKE.



Did you know, the calming, mental effects of Frankincense oil are probably its number 1 draw?  It stops anxiety, anger and stress; it is also very calming and soothing.  It is wonderful for your hair, teeth and gums, and any sort of wound.  It is an anti-inflammatory, and is especially helpful in rheumatoid arthritis and cancer!  It is also wonderful for oral health- put a drop on your toothbrush and brush away- you will be rejuvenating your oral health.


You can rub it on your skin, it will rejuvenate it!


You can put it anywhere on your body, and you WILL benefit healthwise!


You can put it in a spray bottle with vinegar, and it will disinfect as well as anything on this earth!!


And that is the wonder of this natural, God made “drug”!  Not only is it NOT a drug, but it is a time-tested tonic that is anything but a one-trick pony-


As I said at the start, this is the ONE Essential Oil that you NEED!


There are others, they have their advantages, Tea Tree and Lavendar are close runners up... but just start with FRANKINCENSE!


If you never get any others, no matter- you have the most important.


Frankincense: it will benefit you mentally, physically, and spiritually, as they said in the Wizard of OZ... but more importantly, in the Bible!




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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #77 Polypharmacy and Death by Doctor

pqtd 77 Polypharmacy


Polypharmacy is the use of four or more medications by a patient, generally adults aged over 65 years. Polypharmacy is most common in the elderly, affecting about 40% of older adults living in their own homes.  


It is hard to believe that we have come to this, as a society!  Older adults, in particular, are more susceptible to this, since as a rule they have more medical conditions,  and also they are from a time when people just “did what the Doctor said, no questions asked!”  Let’s hope that time is now GONE, at least for those of you listening to or reading these words!


Iatrogenesis is the word that means “Death by Doctor”.  This means that if you follow a doctors advice and suggested treatment, that it winds up KILLING you!  Rare, you think?  Once in a blue moon??


Think again:  Death by Doctor is now the third leading cause of death in America, right behind heart disease and cancer!  Some of these deaths are from botched surgeries, and infections picked up in the incredibly dangerous hospital environment...


But the vast majority are from prescribed medications, being taken as prescribed.  The side effects of the medications, particularly in relation to one another, are that deadly!  


We used to think of medicines as cure-alls- a simple PILL that would cure all our ILLS.  We rarely consider that ALL pharmaceuticals have side effects, often side effects that are far worse than the disease or condition they are supposed to “cure”.  And they do not cure the condition!  This is a common misconception: the vast majority of prescribed drugs just treat the symptoms, and do nothing to achieve a cure- only your own body, given enough healthy nutrients from good food, ample sleep, rest, and sunlight can cure itself.  Increasingly, our ever more potent and dangerous pharmaceuticals pose a real threat to our physical and mental health.


My own advice?  Steer clear of modern medicine, as much as you can!  You can do this by living a healthy lifestyle, eating right, ditching grains and sugars and loading up on green veggies, grass fed meats and dairy.  Have a daily Green Smoothie, so you don’t need a “drug cocktail” each day as you get older.  Invest in a Vitamix, so you don’t have to buy an insulin pump later.  


And if you do have a medical condition already?  Keep your medication list down to TWO at the most at any one time!  Even with two medicines, the complications of side effects are staggering to monitor- get it down to ONE.

And I mean non-prescription drugs as well- Tylenol, Ibuprofen, even aspirin- these are toxic drugs, and also interact with other drugs in negative ways.


Even ONE modern, super potent, mind-altering drug is way more than a human should ever have to endure, but at least it can be isolated in its effects that way.  I like to think of modern pharmaceutical medicines as similar to modern processed fake “foods” like fast food, breakfast cereals, and pop tarts- horrible JUNK that should be completely avoided as much as possible!  


The human population used to live long, healthy lives with no drugs.  Once a person survived childbirth, they lived just as long (or longer!) than modern Americans do today.  Go into any old cemetery and read the born and died dates.  The only thing that makes people think we all live longer today is because we have eliminated almost all of the deaths in childbirth of both mothers and children.  That skews the statistics in favor of modern lifespans.  


But, the quality of life is also very different- heart disease, cancer, diabetes- virtually all the diseases of modern life we now take for granted hardly even existed back then!  And let’s not forget one of the biggest modern killers of all- iatrogenesis, or death by doctor!


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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #76

pqtd 76 Don’t Poison your WEEDS



I’ll tell you right upfront- this is near and dear to my natural, quasi-hippie heart!  


“They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot” - remember that old Joni Mitchell song?  


It seems quaint, it seems laughable... but it’s TRUE!  


Our natural world really is basically- EDEN !  Pure and simple!  If we mess with it too much, it becomes... MAN-MADE HELL!


Witness our inner cities.  Hell on earth, really!  Food deserts, crime gone crazy, no nature left to enjoy, and horrible education available for all!  Bad, chemical laden water- the list goes on and on.


But go to the suburbs... looks great, right?  Sure, if you have a million dollars to spare!  And besides that...


Do you really want your kids growing up in an environment of incredible competition, where grades are all important, and helicopter parents determine those grades by interfering with impartial judgement by the teacher??


Because that’s the way it is now.  No more Mayberry, at least in the suburbs of big cities!!


Here is my advice for young people.  It may sound hippie-dippie, but it is really more small town Americana.


Go MIDwest young man! (or woman!!


It doesn’t HAVE to be the midwest, but your odds are better there.  Locate outside of a small city, and choose a small town you like- in the environs of a college town is a good idea.  (They have all of the “culture” you might miss in the big city, and it’s WAY cheaper and usually, less “affected”.)

You can get a house, and just as importantly LAND, for a really inexpensive price!  Land is so important, historically... and NOW, more than EVER!


On your own piece of land, you can determine your own destiny in a MUCH more important way than if you are in a city, where every whim of government determines your future.  You can grow your own food!  


This is huge.  I have been to Asia, and they have never lost sight of this time-tested absolute- land is the ultimate currency!


In Asia, and in most of Europe as well, every square inch of land is cultivated on a small scale to yield- FOOD!  I mean freeway side landscape, I mean every scrap of land that is available- every inch!


Because in the USA we are so LOADED with LAND, (at least outside of big cities!), we take it for granted- and we should NOT!


And here is the point- 


In suburbs, every weed is targeted for kill!  In this strange age, this means dandelions (which were brought over here purposefully to feed us) need to be poisoned with toxic chemical in order that our lawns would be more symmetrical...


Likewise broad leaf plantains, burdock and a number of other “weeds” that are incredibly nutritious- more nutritious than kale, or lettuce, or almost anything else we can eat!


And, on top of all of this, by dosing our yards with Roundup, the chief ingredient of which is Glyphosate, we are effectively poisoning ourselves, our families, and our groundwater.






Get a small homestead, if you can, far away from the expectations of suburban “schoolmarms”.  Have a big garden, and feed yourself as much as you can.  Make a big Paleo green smoothie each day, and include dandelion greens, broadleaf plantains, and other “weeds”.  


Buy your meats and eggs from local farmers that pasture their animals, and enjoy your improved health, which doesn’t require the medications of mainstream medicine to keep you alive!  You will be fine, since you are living on God made foods, not man made processed foods.


And so, free of stress, free of pressure, you can live a life far away from Big Government, Big Medicine, Big Pharma and Big Food!


Small, and de-centralized is the FUTURE!  And YOU, my little quasi-hippie, are leading the way!  





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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #75 Growing a Garden is a No Brainer

If you don’t have a garden, of some sort, you have a real problem!  Actually, perhaps opportunity is the better word, since almost nothing gives you more of a feeling of accomplishment, fulfillment and happiness like creating something...


And to grow plants that produce vegetables and flowers and even fruits is the ultimate act of creation.  You get a huge bang for the buck, for really comparatively little effort or expense!  And what effort you do expend, slight as it may be, is so very good for you- 


it gets you outside in nature- out in the sun to help you get real vitamin D!


it gets your hands into actual soil, with its attendant good soil microbes that that your but biome is craving to keep you healthy and happy!


it gets you thinking about where your food comes from, and just what is really healthy (natural veggies and fruits, with flowers for the soul!)


and, on top of all of this, it saves you money!


Perhaps you have never grown any sort of a garden, and you think it’s too late in the season to start, and you live in an apartment with just a tiny little deck, etc. etc.  


You can grow a great garden in a few pots on your deck, or in a four by four  foot square bed in a yard!  In fact, there is a great book called Square Foot Gardening by Bartholomew out there, and he lays out a detailed approach to a small garden.  Great book, but it is so simple you can just do it like this:


Get some potting soil, organic of course is the best, and fill your pots.  Get pretty large ones, so you can grow tomatoes and peppers; you could even grow pumpkins if you want to train them to grow on a net!  One large plant per large pot, fill one pot with lettuce and spinach, another with herbs.


There you have it- a one trip to the store, spend 15 minutes, and now you have a garden project!!  Just put them in the sun (most important of all!), and then WATER.  Easy Peasy!

It really is just as easy to make a square foot kind of garden if you have space for that- 


Either make a raised bed of 2x4’s, or just dig a hole about 6 inches deep.  4x4 is a good size, but whatever fits, that you can reach into the middle from either side. (You never want to walk on your garden bed!)  Fill the hole you’ve dug with a good potting soil, and you will never have to weed hardly at all!  Existing garden soil is loaded with countless weed seeds from years and years- remove it, replace with potting soil, and the only weeds you’ll get will be from windblown ones!  Very easy, and very nice to look at.


I have a few acres, and could have as big of a garden as I’d like, but I have gravitated to the small bed approach.  Partly now because I have to enclose it all in a high fence to protect it from the many deer in the valley here, but also because it is just more efficient!  I have several small beds, each of which is surrounded by paths of mown grass to walk on.  My weeding sessions take less time than my picking sessions, which average maybe 5 minutes or so, although I may choose to sit on the stone bench I constructed in the garden to just contemplate nature...


However you look at it, every single person or family in our nation should have a garden of some sort.  As Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms likes to say,


“Anything else just ain’t natural!!”


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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #74- The ONE thing you NEED to add to your Paleo diet!

pqtd 74 The ONE Paleo thing you need to add


Most of us now know to avoid wheat, cut way back on sugar, and eat more good fats- at least I hope you do!  These basic things, along with avoiding processed foods, walking more, getting out in the sunshine every day, and getting plenty (at least 8 hours per night) of sleep will go a long way towards making you healthy and happy.  


But there is one additional thing that, if you add into your lifestyle, will make it more truly ancestral or paleo, and jumpstart your health into a really high level of health, vibrant wellness, and extreme fitness!  


This thing is really easy- make sure you get a forkful or so of a fermented veggie each and every day!  Sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, pickled beets- it doesn’t really matter, and it’s probably even better to mix them up, but you just need to do it!  The probiotics in such fermented vegetables are extremely concentrated- in fact, there would be literally hundreds of times more good bacteria in naturally fermented veggies than in a probiotic supplement or pill.


And why do you need probiotics?  They are vital to building and maintaining a healthy gut biome within yourself!  A healthy gut will heal and maintain the integrity of your digestive tract, which is undoubtedly compromised badly from a lifetime of eating grains and sugars, and “leaky” in a way that makes you subject to autoimmune diseases.  And it helps to know that the number ONE killer of humans in the modern age is autoimmune disease, which is largely completely preventable with proper eating and lifestyle!


This is a really easy, cheap, and actually pleasant way to protect your health, since fermented foods are actually quite tasty and inexpensive, especially in small amounts.  Just make sure you get a naturally fermented type of veggie, not the mass market pickles and sauerkraut that line the supermarket shelves- those are “fake” pickles and sauerkraut, with no live cultures in them- they are just “flavored” with white, sterile vinegar, and are largely empty of nutrition


You could ideally culture your own, but for now just buy a couple of types from the store- Trader Joe’s has some great ones, as does Whole Foods and even standard groceries and farmer’s markets usually carry some good naturally fermented types as well.  One well known and widely carried brand is “Bubbies”; and trust me, if you have never had a naturally fermented pickle before, they are vastly superior in flavor as well as in health benefits! 


Kimchi, the Korean fermented condiment is generally always the real deal, being naturally fermented, and is a great option.  Just remember, a forkful a day, keeps the doctor away, says PaleoJay!

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