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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast #1 Grains are enemy #1!

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #1

Grains are Enemy #1

I know you don’t want to hear that about grains!  Grains, especially “healthy whole grains” have long been touted as the base of our wonderful food pyramid, loaded with minerals, vitamins, and wonderful carbs and protein...

But grains, i.e. wheat is the main one we consume, are also loaded with toxic chemicals  like phytic acid, which actually blocks your bodies ability to absorb these minerals, along with gluten.  Gluten and the lectins that accompany it are actually poisons that attack the microvilli in your small intestine, eventually making your intestine permeable.

This causes you to have a “leaky gut”- isn’t that a lovely condition?  Now, particles can pass right into your bloodstream from your intestine.  This can, and will, cause digestive problems and eventually autoimmune disease.  And the lectins actually stop your intestines from being able to heal the lining that the gluten damages!  Talk about chemical warfare against the human that ate the poor wheat babies- the grain!

The end result of grain consumption?

First, obesity, followed by diabesity, which leads to all of the modern diseases that are the scourge of civilization: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis... the list goes on and on.  Is grain the ONLY cause of all of this carnage?  No, but it is the PRIMARY cause!  Just eliminate grains from your diet, and you are MORE than half way to being healthy, fit, and vital for the long term.

I know, it sounds hard, and it is.  I won’t kid you there.  But it is also very, very much worth it!  The results you and those about you will see from just this one elimination in your life are astounding- fat can rapidly disappear, skin conditions clear up, mental problems like brain fog and depression can go away... the changes can be magical!

And so, it is that important to get rid of grains in your life!  Try it for the next week.  Eat eggs for breakfast, bacon, sausage.  A Big salad topped with meat or seafood for lunch.
Grilled meat and loads of veggies topped with loads of butter for supper.  Nuts and dark chocolate for desserts and snacks.  You need NOT go hungry!

I don’t care what else you do that you think you should change!  If you don’t exercise, fine.  Smoke cigarettes?  Great!  Sleep 4 hours per night?  Good for you.

All I want you to concentrate on this one week is to eliminate grains!  No bread, crackers, pasta, cookies, buns, cake... you get the picture.  It is THAT IMPORTANT for your health that NOTHING else will improve your health as much.  Try it out, and I guarantee you will be amazed at the effect it has on your overall well being, both physical AND mental.    And later, well we can talk about those other small matters...

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