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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #9- Pushups and Popcorn!

Pushups and Popcorn!


Yes, that’s what I want you to do this week in your Paleo Quick Tip of the Week!  What could be easier?


Sometimes, I ask you to eliminate  something your really, really like, that is damaging your health in a big way- like WHEAT!  


  Let’s just hope that you’ve done that- it is MORE important, to your health, than giving up cigarette smoking,  believe it or not…  so DO IT- GIVE UP WHEAT- no bread, pasta, sandwiches, crackers, cookies, or donuts!!


Sorry…  But that is definitely priority #1!


I really hope you’ve added in Visualized Resistance Exercise, since it is so revitalizing, and such a great form of muscle building and rehabilitation!  And now, in addition to that, I want you, PLEASE- to add in: Pushups!  

If you can’t do a pushup in the regular fashion- put your knees on the floor, and do them that way- the benefits are the same!!


I know, it sounds like high school gym class…  at least in my day!


But truly, after doing your Visualized Resistance Exercise training, each day in front of the TV, the addition of pushups is a wonderful addition, and a natural progression.  


I like to use the Perfect Pushup device, as advertised widely, to do my pushups, as it rotates as you push, eliminating trauma to the shoulders, elbows, and wrists.  But, you could just do plain pushups, with your hands on the floor…  go as low as you can, and do- say, 10 reps.  Then, rest a bit, look at the television, and do another set of pushups, with a wide grip- wider than shoulder width,  which should have been your first set’s width.  


Rest again, and do a set with your hands set about 6 inches apart (narrow grip).


That is one cycle!  Rinse, and repeat!  Sit on the floor for a bit, recover, and then do another Tri-set- Shoulder width grip pushups, wide grip, and then narrow…


Pause… and repeat.


You can do this for as long as you like!  It’s better with a Perfect Pushup handle; but it’s fine without… don’t go to failure- do sets and leave a little in the tank- if you can do 15 and collapse- well, then do 10 reps!  Pause, and repeat- make it fun!


Go with the “rhythm” of the movie you are watching- it will energize you and keep you going- you are in your living room, right?  Netflix makes these workouts oh so enjoyable!!


After a few, or more than a few cycles of these pushup sets, you will be sated…


If you feel the need to, you can always add another round or two of Visualized Resistance Exercise cycles- they feel really GOOD after a set or more of pushups- you can feel the muscle better, and get into it in a really positive way.  This pushup cycling of your workout should only be done once, or at most TWICE per week!  Repeated enough, with enough sets, you can be accomplishing a LOT of pushups- I usually wind up with a few hundred repetitions, and that is plenty!  BUT, it is VERY SATISFYING, especially as I am simultaneously watching a fun movie or TV show in the early AM, which is when I do this, so I can be totally uninterrupted!  


And now, after you have had a wonderful morning of Perfectly Paleo, natural exercise, with no compromise to your joints and tendons- you can look forward to:




Yes, I know you’ve heard TONS of stories about how corn is horrible; wheat’s evil twin and all, but I’m here to tell you that:  


IF you get NON-GMO popcorn (check out the Amish popcorns!), and, 

IF you want to make it fast and easy…


Fast and Easy Popcorn:  


Take a brown paper bag- lunch bags are ideal.

Put in 1/4 cup popcorn.

Microwave on high for 2 minutes!


While the microwave is microwaving, heat up some pastured, grass fed butter on the stove to liquify it- Kerrygold butter is wonderful, as is Organic Valley from my wonderful state of Wisconsin- very nutritious, is butter, as long as the cows that produced it were pastured, and ate GRASS, and not CORN!!


At the end of 2 minutes, put the butter on the popped corn, take your SEA SALT, which I haven’t mentioned yet- so, let me mention it: ALWAYS use real sea salt, not fake chemical salt that is ubiquitous in these perilous times of modernity.


Get Himalayan Sea Salt for a wonderful taste experience- sea salt is the GOLD STANDARD of salts!!  Accept no substitutes!


So- you have done multiple sets of pushups, and Visualized Resistance Exercise!  You should be feeling really good about that, and about yourself- you are improving your physique and health in a big way!  (Especially if you have given up WHEAT!)


Now, this evening, reward yourself- HAVE SOME POPCORN, topped with wondrous grass fed butter, loaded with vitamin K-2, healthy fats, and loads of vitamin D-  



along with some popcorn, which is basically a wonderful vehicle for 

BUTTER and Sea Salt!



You must be feeling really good- you have had a wonderful, satisfying: 




Wait until next week- we’ll add in even more, to make you feel even better- 






Check out this episode!

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