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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #8- Resistant Starch, and other TOP additions to your Paleo Life!

We have been on weekly, gradual introduction of the Paleo lifestyle for beginning on 8 weeks now!  By now, if you have maintained your elimination of gluten and most other grains, gotten a good 8 hours of sleep per night, added in some virtual,
visualized resistance exercise daily- Wow!  I KNOW you’ve seen some real improvements in how you look, how you feel, and also how others see you in a dramatic way…

If you’ve also added in a daily, green, Paleo smoothie using the recipe at this link at here for the recipe itself-, then I KNOW you are looking and feeling amazing!  AND, if you’ve sourced a local farm or ranch for grass fed beef and pastured pork and poultry, and also started meditating…

I KNOW you are looking and feeling FANTASTIC!

But I want to get back to the smoothie, since that is really the lynchpin of this way of life: the easiest, most inclusive, and also the most foolproof way to maximize you health!  

Perhaps you’ve followed the recipe on, or perhaps you’ve just “winged it” and made your own version of the smoothie.  If so, good for you!  That’s how I started!!

But I really, really want you to consider adding in a few things to your smoothie that I think are absolutely critical for maximum health and fitness:


Vitamin D3

Resistant Starch
Raw, free range eggs from a local, reputable source

Let’s start with the last first:

Most eggs today are produced in factory, confined animal feeding operations, or CAFO’s, that have chickens in tiny cages so tight that they can’t even turn around, eating substandard food not fit for even chickens, and laying sick eggs, which are what you would expect to come from abused, and really tortured birds!  You do NOT want these “concentration camp” eggs- they are really not true eggs, packed with vital nutrition- you want free range chicken eggs- eggs from healthy, happy chickens that are free to run around on green pasture, eating real chicken food like bugs and worms, and realizing their true “chickin-ness”!!

Eggs (and the meat!) from such happy chickens in wonderful, and the eggs, in particular, and probably the single most nutritious and healthy food for you and yours in the world!  Be sure to add a couple to your daily green Paleo smoothie!

Next, let’s address Resistant Starch:  Within our bodies are BILLIONS of tiny microbes, residing primarily in our intestine, or gut.  What they do for us is incredible- they digest things for us, they secrete hormones that we rely on, they improve our mood and sleep, they even are essential for the health of our brains!  It sounds fantastic, but think of this- there are more gut microbes within our bodies, living with us symbiotically, than there are human cells!  THAT is how tied together we are with out little gut “buddies”, and always have been!

The problem with our modern diet is that, eating refined and processed foods, the gut buddies don’t get fed!

They need a “paleo” type of diet, just like their ancestors did, and that included lots of resistant starch….
Foods that were NOT digested by us, and went right to them, through our stomach, into the intestine!  Things like stems, grass and veggie fibers, bark and twigs, green unripe vegetables… in other words, things we no longer eat!

Enter Potato Starch, the simplest, easiest, cheapest way to make your gut buddies happy and healthy, right away!

Just got to your local store, and get a bag of Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch- it’s very cheap, about $4.00 a bag, and start adding it to your daily Paleo smoothie, dude!  Start with a T, and work up to 4T- the only side effect, at first, can be digestive upset, since you are not used to it.  I will say, I had none of that, and the benefits started right away!  I started sleeping REALLY well, my mood improved, and I began having very vivid, colorful, compelling dreams!! REALLY !   You can also add a green banana to your smoothie for resistant starch, and another addition to your diet that is great is Uncle Ben’s parboiled or converted rice!  Just eat that- not so great in the smoothie- just use potato starch for that- it is tasteless, too!!

The last two are just as crucial, and much more straight forward:  Iodine and Vitamin D!
Get each in liquid form; I get mine from Amazon.  Vitamin D is actually a hormone, and something that we ALL lack in the modern world, especially if we live in the North!! In the summer, I make a point of being outside, shirtless and in shorts for short periods most days, but in the Winter, particularly THIS winter, I just add in a dropper or so of Vitamin D liquid!  Vitamins D is crucial for health, so add it in!  Mental health in particular!!

And Iodine-  Lugol’s solution is the best, liquid form, and very inexpensive, just like Vitamin D and Potato Starch. Most Americans are woefully short of iodine in their diets, since they don’t eat seafood like the Japanese, in large quantities.  The latest data shows that iodine, when taken in large amounts, (Again, like the Japanese) not only prevents diseases of deficiency like rickets…

When taken in large amounts, protects against cancer and heart disease in a huge way!

About 75% of Japanese men smoke, and heart disease and cancer are almost nonexistent among them!!
It is the iodine that they consume, by eating fatty fish and lots of seaweed that protects them- so, do likewise, and supplement with iodine!  A few drops of liquid iodine replicates the Japanese intake.

In addition, there are studies that show that when an expectant mother is consuming a high level of iodine, the child that she delivers has an IQ of 20-30 points HIGHER than either of the parents!  So, if you are thinking of having a child- supplement with iodine!!    THAT is a no-brainer!

And so, there you have it- 4 things that, even if you DON’T use a smoothie, you should incorporate into your healthy lifestyle for SURE!  But, the smoothie does it all, easily, and one simple, easy step to solve multiple problems is another…NO-BRAINER!!  

Just get a Vitamix!  Do it!  Go to, click on the Vitamix link for free shipping, and get one!  Or buy one on Ebay, or on Craig’s list… but GET one!!

It really will change your life, and the health of your family.  Just stick here with me, every Wednesday, and we’ll continue our journey towards health, one Paleo Quick Tip of the Day at a time!

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